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A very close girlfriend of mine got shoved up against a wall by a bouncer from this place. Her boyfriend got dragged out by a bouncer by dragging him on the floor by his neck-which could have easily caused him to choke, break a wind pipe, and die. What kind of low life place is this?


I do not usually write reviews, however my experience at cabin 5 was horrifying. Therefore i feel it is necessary to post a warning to those considering a night out at this ridiculous club.

The music was old school 90s, not complaining i was loving the way backs.
The club became extremely overcrowded, and the age group was early twenties. At around 1 am a man came up behind me and shoved me, when my friend tried to ask why he pushed a woman for no reason he shoved him against a wall and before we knew it 5 other guys were on top of him.
The situation went from bad to worse when a bunch of security guards jumped in, my friend was on the floor, helpless (10 against 1).
Later we find out the guy who pushed me was the head of security. I do not know what club has security guards walking around out of uniform, trying to cause problems with people minding their own business. Long story short, my friend was thrown out of the club, and when i tried to leave behind him a security guard blocked the door way and told me i was not allowed to leave. Since when can a bouncer prevent a person from leaving a club?!?!?
I was literally pleading with him to let me leave and before i knew it i was in a choke hold. i had people trying to get this guy off of me because he was literally choking me.
Finally he let go and told me to get the f**** out of the club (which was what i was trying to do).
I was shaken. Spoke to the cops outside who were amazing. The cops told us we were the calmest and most rational people they have ever spoken to who had just had something like that happen to them, but unfortunately they couldn't walk into the club and make any arrests.

I have been clubbing for 10 years now, and never, not once, have i ever been involved in a fight or any other altercation.
What i endured and witnessed that night was a bunch of men who were on a power trip. Thankfully bumps and bruises was all we had, but it could have been much worse.

Think twice before you attend this place, or any other place owned by these people (fifth social club).
They don't deserve the business.


I went to this place for a friend's birthday on a Saturday night. We were told to arrive before 10:30 for guestlist, so we did and there was no discount on cover and the club was EMPTY. Additionally, the bathrooms were disgusting! My biggest issue with this club were the drinks; make sure you stick to beer because the liquor is so watered down. I drink vodka sodas, so there is no reason I wouldn't be able to tell if there was enough booze in my drinks. They pour out a shot using a shot glass but I am quite sure the liquor must be watered down beforehand! Also for a place that is so shabby; stairs, bathroom, not an upscale vibe/crowd the drinks are expensive (7.50 for a bottle of beer!). Skip this place! The only things this place has to offer are overcrowding, over priced drinks, disgusting bathrooms, and mediocre top 40, all of which can be found for much less money, at any number of other clubs
in Toronto.


1. Stairs on way up are in shambles. good luck not tripping
2. Place was over crowded
3. There is no women's washrooms. Just two stalls in the washroom area with a men's urinal attached. Men's urinal is covered by a CURTAIN not an actual door.
4. Washroom was extremely dirty. Two girls just walked away and said they would rather hold it.
5. VIP/ Bar manager (some white dude) is extremely rude.
6. Another bar staff (some Asian dude) came behind the bar WHILE DRINKING and threw things around in an angry manner. I thought he was going to hurt someone
7. When we ordered tequila shots, it was served without salt or lime. We had to beg for salt and go find our own salt and napkins.

The only positive thing was Security staff were very friendly and well mannered.

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE, its a trashy hole.


Men servers who think it's okay to push women

about dj

I am a DJ from toronto. I am playing from last 5 years. i am in
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try this one ...hope you ll be like it..If you want i can send you more demo..and my webside is under construction, its comming very soon .thnx

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