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461 King St. West, Toronto, ON, M5V 1K7

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Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge is Toronto's sophisticated cosmopolitan and culture destination. Nestled amidst a romantic cobblestone palazzo courtyard and charming outdoor patio, Brassaii embraces its architectural heritage, elevating your fine dining experience to an expedition in urban archeology and design. The newly renovated venue contain a cafe, exposed, robust wine cellar, dining area, ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Wednesday - Saturday, 10pm - 3am
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop

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What About Wednesday

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Nouveau Saturdays

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Brassaii Thursdays

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Brassaii Reviews

One of the hottest places in Toronto

My first time at this club with a group of girlfriends for a birthday celebration. we were told cover is free before 11, but were charged $20 around 10:45pm. my friend was the one who called, in the future get on a guest list (we were unaware of it) and you should be covered before 11:30p. this place filled up quick on a saturday night. we were there early, so we were able to get a regular table for the night. bouncers are extremely rude, so i do agree with those that said that. we were in the back room and left bc my friends feet were stepped on extremely hard. she took off her sandals as we were standing at the table. we weren't walking around, just at the table. bouncer approaches us and says "you can't go back inside, you need to leave." we asked why and his only response was you need to leave. i understand if we are walking barefoot, but just say "put your shoes on before you go back in." we saw a manager, he said sorry and got us a round of drinks for the rudeness.
His name is orlando, nice guy. If you have any issues i would suggest speaking to a manager. Dress code is in full effect, ladies can get away with flats, sandals, etc. Overall, great club, awesome music on a sat night, but extremely packed at peak times. Expect to be brushed or stepped on!


I don't know why the reviews on this club are so bad. We arrived late, didn't make the guest list, didn't know about the dress code and the bouncer at the door was super nice to us, even let the guys in who didn't have collared shirts. He was very polite, so was everyone else. Music was good. It was a great night

Racist - if people of colour don't bother

I'm super frustrated at the bouncers there. I don't know if it was just the night we decided to go but the bouncers decided to get really stingy. They gave us a hard time when we had a booth and bottle service for three bottles. They allowed us 5 free entrances with each bottle and would not let our whole party in at the door. Yet they let every single white person in as they walked by.

Just avoid it there is your a poc. Bouncers are white and racists.


Not sure what events these guys went to, but the last two times i went have been amazing! Went for dinner couple weeks ago and stayed for their gentlemen's expo party. Great party! There was a bespoke suit station and me and a couple friends got our measurements with complimentary drinks

Went back last week for a nuit blanche event and it was just as good. There was a cool grey goose ice sculpture with some kind of drink slide. The music was great and the vibe was just right

These guys dont know what theyre talking about ... If youre looking for a trendy upscale lounge vibe i have nothing but good things to say about brassaii


We were at brassai for brunch on august 2 2015 organized by c luxe brand management. We had bought the tickets online, where it was advertised that tickets came with complimentary drinks - beer pongs and cognac. There were no drinks when we got here. When we asked, we were told that the sponsor backed down in the last minute so these complimentary drinks would not be honoured. Instead, we were offered either rum and coke or a tequila shot. I hope a place like brassai sets standards and rules for these shoddy organizers.

Terrible experience

We had a terrible experience at brassai. we will never go back.


Matt - you should look closer when the people shake the bouncer's hand - occurs at every club.


I would agree with the other reviews on here that the bouncers are on a major power trip and extremely rude.
It was a friend's birthday and were on the guestlist for bottle service and they had just entered 10 minutes prior.
When my friend and i get there, the bouncer says "i don't know anyone by that name". Doesn't even check the list.
Ask him again and same response.

Another group comes up and he knows one of them and decides to check the list. Would not even look at it for us.
Finally had to get someone to come out to get us.

Club tries so hard to be exclusive (and with a douchey bouncer) but falls short. Badly dressed and not so attractive crowd.
Not sure what the big deal is with this place.

Don't waste your time on this one.

ID help

Im 19-years old. I dont have my drivers license. In order to get in can i bring either/or a health card or passport to show as my id. I know its a stupid question to ask but i guess its worth a shot.

People are funny and dumb

Come on silly people - express line because you know the bouncer hahaha...As red would say 'dumbass'. do you really think the bouncers care who you are?

Last time i checked anyone can use the express lines at all clubs :)


I've frequently been to brassaii and its true....Its an awesome venue. the food is delicious and the crowd is mature 25+
I agree though...The bouncer at the front is rude and i they really do let ppl in at the side if they know you. once you're in though, you're bound to have a good time. The second room though (smaller) is wayyyyy too crowded...You can't even dance in there.


especially the big muscular one with the bald/shaved head. Ridiculously rude and unprofessional. Douchey clubs need to learn how to treat their guests aka the money that walks in through the door properly. I attempted to go last week with a group of girl friends (attractive girls may I add), we had dinner at Weslodge and walked over to Bressaii to grab some drinks......we waited 45 minutes in a 10 person line to get in. What was even more frustrating is that there is some sort of "express" line on the side aka the friend of the bouncer line, so herds of people were just being let in through that line while the rest of us ol' regular folk waited outside like cattle in the cold watching. Then that bouncer has the nerve to tell the two guys directly infront of us, oh sorry I forgot to let you in.....he let both of them in and kept me three girl friends and I outside. People from inside were leaving the club in groups saying it was empty inside and boring. Even though we were next in line we decided to just go somewhere more real and down to earth that is not as pretentious as this place. Needless to say we ended up at Biermarkt down the street, amazing crowd, warm, friendly, live music, good food, no long lineups for no reason. Nice door people. Overall amazing time, always.


We decided to go to Brassaii based on some previous reviews. I must say, the food was delicious. The service was impeccable. Our waitress was so knowledgable and we all trusted her recommendations. She knew so much about the food and the wine. Afterwards we checked out the dance floor. Music was great. Staff was kind and friendly. We really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks for the great night Brassaii!


We decided to go to Brassaii based on some previous reviews. I must say, the food was delicious. The service was impectable. Our waitress was so knowledgable and we all trusted her recommendations. She knew so much about the food and the wine. Afterwards we checked out the dance floor. Music was great. Staff was kind and friendly. We really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks for the great night Brassaii!

Friday night

Went with girlfriends last night and had a great time. Food was delicious, service was impeccable and we had an amazing night dancing after dinner. I was impressed! Definitely will return :)



amazing experience

I frequent brassaii at least once every few months for dinner. the food is always fantastic and service has always been spot on. wednesdays and saturdays are my favorite nights as we usually stay for the dancing portion afterwards. i definitely recommend it to anyone! they are also the only club in Toronto that sticks to the 25+ age group. it is quite refreshing!


Group of 3 guys looking to have a good time.

Went in on a Friday night (28/12/2012), decent crowd and music. However bouncers are on a major power trip (specifically Marty). RELAX, you're just a BOUNCER, why you acting all high and mighty for? To them, you're just another body so chill the F out. I'm talking about specifically this bouncer (Marty), unnecessarily rude and aggressive from the get-go. Very unprofessional. Total dick head.

This low-life pathetic excuse for a human garbage definitely should not be working in the nightlife scene. Definitely gives it a bad image.

This bouncer (Marty) went as far as making death threats to one of the group members and said he would get all 12 of his colleagues to "F your shiit up" just because our friend was standing up for himself due to his unprofessionalism and bad attitude.

I'm not one to complain much but this was honestly one of the worst experiences ever. Most of the bouncers here are rude and unprofessional to begin with, but this guy is off the hook retarded.

Would NOT recommend this place, go somewhere else where the staff will treat you with dignity and respect.

Good night out

So after living in the suburbs (Brampton) I moved in the downtown core of Toronto about a 10 min walk from Brassaii.

I ended up going there Dec 9yh & 16th of 2012. So the past 2 Saturdays. The music was good, the bouncers and people working there were good, the crowd was really friendly and no young people either from what I saw.

I was there with a group of 7-8 guys so we got in without a problem. I ended up getting some phone numbers and had a fun night.

The 16th I arrived there late around 11:45pm and didn't wanna keep waiting to get in so I tipped the bouncer $20 and paid the $10 cover and got in. Once I got it everything was good again. I wasn't really let down and never experienced anything negative from the bouncers, door guys, security or anyone else. People seemed polite and I managed to get 1 number but got cock-blocked twice by some douche (friends friend) who kept trying to pick up women that I had approached. I like this venue and I'll be back again and maybe I'll try going twice a week. If something negative does happen I will definitely post a review on here and this is a real review.

love love love

I've been going to Brassaii on Saturday nights for the past few months. I have to say it is the best place on King St.. The crowd is upscale, great atmosphere and great vibe.

great night out

Went to Brassaii last night with some co-workers. Meal was outstanding. I ordered the short ribs which were probably the best I ever had. I also tried my co-workers meal which was equally as good. This place is really top notch. Will definitely go back again.


went on a wednesday place was empty, staff is rude and the place looks like a warehouse, never again

Horrible Service

Place was half empty, and bouncers making people wait over hours. Service and courtesy was sh1t, NEVER recommending or re-visiting this place again.

Rude and ignorant bouncer

Went there with 20 guests for a birthday get together. Was dressed in a long sleeve shirt wif hoody blazer.

Bouncer enforced their so call dress code n said no t-shirts allowed. When you try to reason wif them they rudely tells their clients "I don't need to hear your bullshit" turning away 20 clients that were gonna spend a good load of booze money. Ignorant fashionless muscle head has never seen a blazer wif a hood.

Long story short, don't go if you're not dressed in a tuxedo cuz bouncers will tell u to F*** Off


Drinks: 8-10 dollars
Cover: 20 dollars
A smile from the Beautiful Mixed Girl who bartends on the patio: Priceless

Two Words

Next question.


Wednesday nights are just straight up incredible- nothing better than blowin up a booth with bottles at Brassaii. Someone once told me if youre not livin', youre dyin'. Get your crew, leave your boyfriends at home and just blow up. God Bless.

If you want bad customer service look no further.....

If you want to experience bad customer service and rude employees LOOK NO FURTHER than Brassaii!!!


@Maya K your review is completely unfounded. Brassaii is not even a club first of all, its a restaurant. I was there on Saturday it was a great time with an older, sophisticated crowd. You probably just didnt fit the bill. Reviewers like this need to get their facts straight and stop ruining the credibility of blogs and review sites

Worst Experience

We got there on a saturday night at 10:30.. we had guestlist and there was NO ONE in line, yet the bouncer informed us that they weren't letting anyone in, even people on the guestlist - only their bottle service clientele. It is 10:30 on a saturday night on King West - no way that club was anywhere near capacity.Bouncer was an ass... typical attitude. Found out later from other clubs that they got booked for having the club at over capacity ... never trying there again

way over rated

4 stars for the food but the rest like service, price, ambiance and decor are a 2 star. The most disappointing is the ambiance and decor. I can't believe how busy this place is! I guess some times things don't have to make sense.

Typical King West Service

Bouncers holding the line to make the place look busier or to piss off the potential patrons while the club is half empty, well this is the place. Getting blatantly pushed from behind by a woman walking in the same direction as you and getting kicked out because you called her a well deserved name to find out she had every right too since she worked there, well this is the place. Overall clubs/lounges on King St just don't care about their patrons and the service they give them, and brassaii isn't an exception to this.

Doesn't stink

Over-crowded and loud on a Saturday night. Seems like only the cool people get in before the rest, if they go to the left and whisper in the doorman's ear. What are those magic words? Ohhh, "Steve is expecting me"! or something.

Perfect if you are 25-35, you smell good and looking to get laid and go deaf. If you are over 40 and not pretentious or ostentatious, you won't want to be there. Go to a pub instead. 3/5 for me, but I'm sure 5/5 for those I have mentioned. Did I mention decadent? Make up pros, go there to network!!! You'll make a mint!


slick, solid and pure fun. sat nights are killer!!!!

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