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Body English Nightclub will allow you to experience the night of your life. This venue is known for its luxurious VIP booths with exclusive bottle services, an amazing multilevel atmosphere with sunken dance floors, 65 plasma screens all around the club. The decor includes waterfalls, chandeliers, dance poles and every corner of Body English Nightclub is lit up by the first ever LED Lighten ...

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Venue Type
Students, Urban
Thursday-Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
1500 person capacity, 2 rooms + patio

Body English Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Body English Nightclub.

Body English Nightclub Reviews

When is all ages?

What days are all ages? Is every friday night all ages still?


are fridays still all ages nights?


AHAHAHAHAHAH this club is the best!! i got a bitch to suck my dick in the washroom on all ages!! so many sluts on all ages cant wait till the next all ages event!!!

lousy nightclub !!

Terrible Halloween Party ! Open delayed one hour, music and service are so so.

Garbage Club

Worst Club Ever!!! Who keeps a party hosting 1500-2000 ppl, for Halloween, which supposidly is supposed to be a costume party, which it wasn't, and have ONE Bar open with only TWO Bartenders in the entire club? Waste of a Night, Waste of Admission...oh yeah, the $10 "advanced" tickets, that were supposed to give you line bypass...DID NOT.

Sugar Daddies ALL THE WAY!!!

New ownership is needed for Body English. I am very very dissapointed. 2-3 yrs ago, I came to your club for my Halloween Party and had the time of my life. This time, it was the worst party ever period.

Even your OWN STAFF was complaining.



If you are all saying this is a sleazy club with young girls that are hot and poor!!! Thats fucking awsome i am definetely going there oh and entry is cheap!!! i cant wait


Just wondering, is this nightclub open on a weekly basis?? cuz i only see adds for days that have passed already. PLEASE answer, cuz my friend and i are interested!!

unfriendly owner

got the contact details for the owner. that was quick. thanks :)

contact information

I am trying to find out who the owner was and his contact information in the first few months of 2010. I am willing to pay 100$ for who ever finds me this info. thanks. you can contact me at my email

Friday Nights

im not sure what she was talking about but we all had a good time!!!!!!! was good, lots of variety and its club , a place to not sure what everyone expects
see you there next week


I heard great reviews of this club from family and friends, and attended my first outing on July 13th 2012. I am sad say that I was completely disappointed in the service and entertainment aspects of this club. Upon arrival the security was abrasive and rude. Taking my smokes and lighters out of my purse without permission and throwing them into the waste basket. Upon entering the club few people were admitted and the atmosphere was hot, muggy and had wet floors. We all know this is a safety hazard. Throughout the night the DJ used fowl and demeaning language towards woman and female body parts. As well was being a poor spinner, he talked through most of the music, the verity was lacking, the seg-ways between songs were amateur at best, as well he promoted under-age children to dance sexually on poles. There is no dress code, so many of the men/boys showed up in ripped jeans and shirtless. Many of the men arrived with shirts on, however the sauna like atmosphere prompted them to remove their shirts. As for the woman/girls, many wore undergarment type clothing that was inappropriate for all ages. While buying a bottle of water the staff member who served me was very rude, took a fairly long time to retrieve a water bottle that was sitting behind her. Upon feeling light-headed from the heat I was refused access to the outdoor veranda and was directed to leave the premises. I also had a chance to meet the owner, he appeared to be drunk and high. I witness him prompt a minor for drugs and sexual purposes. Upon leaving I was searching for my unopened pack of smokes when a staff member of the security called myself and my friend rude and fowl names that were disrespectful and harmful. He came toward us appearing to try to assault us even though we were clearly standing by the door preparing to leave. It was a disrespectful, belittling, and unprofessional. Though this event was free admission for myself and my friend, I would never return.

Severely Disappointing

I will never be going back to this night club. First they took my unopened pack of smokes that were in my purse I couldn't coat check them or anything they just threw them out very rudely. They said it was because I was a year under age but it is not illegal to have them when your 18 just to give them to someone who is that old also there was no smoking section in the club so it wasn't like I would be a smoking anyway. Inside it was far to hot and humid so much so that it was hard to breathe and was very nauseating, everyone was drenched in sweat the entire time. The wash rooms smelled like marijuana and most people in it were drunk. The security were rude and disrespectful I was light headed and going to pass out but the only way I could get fresh air was if I went out front but then I couldn't go back in. When leaving we wanted to check if our smokes were still there and the security came in and yelled at us, asked us a question but didn't give us a chance to answer, called us names and wanted to kick us out (the event was already over and we were already on our way out). I have been home for over an hour already and I am still nauseas, can't breathe and still cannot hear properly.

review of the club and pictures

i wouldn't advise an older crowd to go to body english.... its more for 19-30 year olds. body english is a great nightclub but you have to be aware of what day to go. if you go on a friday it will be dead, recently if you go on saturdays it is crazy packed and is a lot of fun.

regarding the pictures... the site rarely puts them up you need to get a little business card from the photographer who took the picture(the same night) because they put it on their website. i agree that the bouncers are complete garbage but i guess its their job to be assholes :) have fun!

ps. I do not work for the club lol... :P


I've met people like you before. I've gone to clubs many years.. and come across a lot of people with the same attitude. You are probably one of the same people I know who go to the club, and end up never getting laid when you go. You probably are one of those guys who sit by yourself in the corner, depressed, then come and bash the club. Your world will then look negative, and you want to make a good club look bad.

Don't listen to these kind of people... Remember don't be easily influenced. It can all be a matter of perspective.

Body English is always a fun place!!




Where Are the pics from April 5th??????? links please


Dont let the comments fool you!! This place rocks!

Body English Saturdays are the best!!

This place is the best!! It's always happening here, Come check it out


When i went on march 3rd and had some pics taken by the photographer he handed me a card i've been on that company's site and there are no recent clubbing pics :S

where the frigg r the pics

i had a good time when we went on march 3rd but a little annoyed that i am still yet to find any of the pictures from that night , every other club has a facebook page or sumthing where their pictures are posted within 1-3 days of the event... its been over a week now like come on

Where can i see the pics

I still havent been able to find my pics, where are they?
if you know please just put up a link here

Club pictures

Club was alright went on March 3rd.. just wondering where the hell the pics of the night get uploaded to??


The bartenders here have ALWAYS been very nice for many years to me.

Body English should promote free rides to hook up for pick up and drop off from Kipling Station or something. Thats because its all the way in Mississauga. That would be kick ass. lol. Like an Ikea bus haha. Promote free trans for people and you will get more buisness lol


Ive been going to Body English for a while now and just a follow up on last night's event. I went the three past Saturdays, and it was pretty kick ass. Body English def has it's good and bad days. The DJ could of been better last night, he doesn't normally do that all the time. There were lots of beuatiful women there too. I would even say in my perspective, more women than guys. Its all how you look at the cookie jar. I agree with some of the details on the previous post, but not all. Remember people, its all in one person's perspective sometimes. Don't let reviews kill your choice of club.

I will still hit this place up.


So me and my friends got to Body English a little early it was about 11:30- 12:00am and the place was so dead! There was hardly anyone there. The music wasn't that bad but the crowd was aweful! It was a sausage fest! Filled with grenades! Girls were absolutely disgusting. The DJ was terrible!!!!!!!! He talked through every song! We couldn't even dance and get into the music because he would talk for 10 minutes about nonsense the whole time!!! My friends and I decided to get some drinks and see if alcohol would make this better and when we got to the bar to order... The bartenders were so rude! The were reusing cups that weren't clean! They grabbed whatever cup was next to them and filled it up!! My guy friends ordered tequila shots and it went down like water! I've never been to a club where their shots are thatttt watered down!!! My boyfriend ordered 3 shots of sambuca and the bartender put her hand in my boyfriends face and told him that he needs to tip her!!!!!! Is this chick wack?!?!?! He gave her a dollar! I couldn't believe this place! They were telling people to tip them allll night! And these girls were so rude! There was no dress code. People were in there wearing k-Swiss running shoes and sweaters from the GAP. Like for real?!? Body English is definitely in my worst clubs of all time list.


the new saturdays ARE SO LIVE! i cant wait to go again this week!!! :D

Stupid BiaACH

Stupid dumbbb assssss bitttchh toook my 50 dollar zippo at the door when she checked me. So fucking stupid.. DONT GO HERE! they basically rob you in ways you cant do anything about.


THE GIRLS WERE AMAZING. At first we were pissed cuz we couldn't touch the bottles but the girls were sexy and had to keep coming back so that was good saturday nights are crazy here and the music is good.. i wouldn't reccomed going on a friday tho unless you like looking at 13 year old girls grinding on poles, that should be stopped. bust the bottle service girls did the best they could considering the gay ass rules ill be back again for new years


http://! (youtube Tyga getting Body English turnt up!) before you go to this place! Disgusting!!




This club should be ashamed of itself. That is disgusting. It should be shut down. It suppose to be a club lunge not a strip club!

all ages

is there any all ages on Nov. 11 or the 12 ?????

Absolute waste of time and money

This was a terrible club. My group had booth service, but before we got in the club they made half the group stand against a wall for 15 minutes while they spoke to the owner ! I had arranged for a private corner booth to seat 15, and got a midsection booth that barely sat 8. we ordered a bottle of grey goose that was supposed to be $150, but they charged us $180. Drinks were not $4 as advertised, they did not give us the free bottle of champagne as advertised and promised by Amir (a manager?). They did not have wine available. They took our mixes away before we were done the bottle. They took our bottle away before it was finished! The servers never even came back to offer us another bottle! Music was terrible.

I will never return!!!


im a 19 year old guy who loves this placee, love all tha cute guy that come here, but i hate how its allways a pussi fest! clubss lots and lots of fun. PEOPLE COME OUT FOR A GOOD TIME ;)

Body English is the place to be

YO!! Big shout out to Body English!!! Place is live, girls are always fine, music's great!! Just got back from there now, its 5 am!!! Bouncers there are great. All you haters out there.. I wanna show all of my haters love, this song's for you....


This club is HORRIBLE and really should be shut down. The bouncers here are so unprofessional and rude.They once assaulted my friend at the club when he clearly did nothing wrong but not allow them to push him around. They provoke a lot of fights to occur here its really bad for business.

DO NOT get bottle service.

I recently went for a friends birthday. We got a booth with 2 bottles. We find out we're not even allowed to touch the bottles that we already paid for. The girls that worked there were the only ones that could pour the bottles. Waste of time and money, I don't recommend going.

cheap drinks good music

I had a really fun time on Friday. They dont play Rock Music at Body English on a Friday anymore!!!! The drinks were cheap and the music was wikkid, i will be going back soon. :)


THEY LIED, LIED, LIED !! dont go.

never again

I went to this club back in may on a friday and it was ok, i went last friday and it was terible, the club was empty and the staff was rude. I will never go back to body english any night of the week. Please do your self a favor and avoid this club like the plague.



- they said its FREE for ladies on the guestlist before 12. We were on the guestlist, got there at 11 and got told we still had to pay the cover.

- they said it was a huge event because it was DJ Peter Kash's bday (FLOW 93.5 DJ) and ladies would get champagne at the door. It was NOT Peter Kash's bday, he was NOT there and we did NOT get any champagne

- they said drinks would be 3.50 all night. The bartenders charged us 4 dollars for drinks and 6 dollars for shots.

DON'T BELIEVE THEIR PROMOTING OR ADVERTISED EVENTS !!! Expect to pay more than u think and to be lied to all night. They act stupid too like they dont know what ur talking about... Thanks Body English!


a fight broke out, with beer bottles, took up half the dance floor and the security was misssssing... ur thrown out ppl who walk funny instead?????? pshhhh....

Do not do bottle service

We arranged bottle service for my sister's 19th bday and were told we're getting rum and vodka.When we got to the club,they told us they had no rum but a whole list of vodka. So we had to end up getting Hennessey instead which they tried to get us to pay more,but luckily gave us for the same price. After an hour when we finally got our bottles, we were told we werent allowed to touch them! There was a girl who served everyone drinks. All they did was pour superstrong drinks and leave them on the table! Waste of money for bottle service, does not recommend. Music was better than expected though.

No Rock Music

As the review below mentioned there was no rock music in the main room, i was pleasantly surprised because i would only go on a saturday. But no i can go all weekend lol No prbly not, lol but i would go back on a Friday!

Cheap Drinks Wikkid Music

I had a really fun time on Friday. They dont play Rock Music at Body English on a Friday anymore!!!! The drinks were cheap and the music was wikkid, i will be going back soon. :)

Good Times

I had an awesome time last Friday night! It was so good i couldnt believe it. The music was awesome, and the drinks were cheap! This is my new Friday night club!

Friday Nights

I didn't think it was going to be good on a Friday night. But I was wrong, it was so awesome! I enjoyed it more then My Apartment. I would go back again!


where are the pictures that were taken last month and this month the albums are all of last year

Sausage Fest

This was the Most dead club that I've ever been to bar tenders where nice but to many ugly chicks and to many guys. Not a good time.

To Candace

To Candace the second post below.
The owner of Body English is not named Brian. lol
I was there that night and I had a wikkid nyte. Great time all around, cheap drinks and crazy tunes.
Wil come back on a Friday nyte.

Saterday night

Was there last saterday and YES the bartenders are the very worst. She refused to serve me the last minutes. They started closing down the bar before 2:00am, refused my order...laaame, came out sober and mad.

Asked the security to go to the car and come back cuz i forgot my smokes, they said that i cant come back. what the hack does that mean, seriously all my friends were in there otherwise i would have left.

Naaah, maybe they'll see my face in there by mistake next time!!

Abusive security

I'm appalled, one of the most aggressive and rude security guards ever works there, not sure if he'll have the job once I'm done pressing charges, the guy fully grabbed me and pushed me backwards almost causing me to fall, I'm a mother of three little girls, I felt horrible, all because I asked to talk to Brian the owner, ridiculas. ABUSE to the fullest, I never go out and now i know why.

Sat. Mar. 19th Attendance ?

Hi All,

Did any one witness any altercation or accident on this particular night in the parking lot of Body English? If so let me know

worst club

horrible music very bad service


wen will they upload pics from jan?

Rude bartender

Ive been here twice and both times the same bartender asked me and all of my friends for a tip, i couldn't believe her! If she wouldn't have been such a bitch maybe she would have gotten one! Other then that this club is alright


sqfgYe rlfzpysgpjea, [url=], [link=],


WORST BATENDERS EVER!!!!! the first bartender did'nt even know what a long island was! me and 3 of my friends all ordered a long island and they were all different! we had to return our drinks. Not to mention the SLOW service! I've NEVER walked out of a club sober! WORST CLUB EVER!


ty skurwysynu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun night

The crowed is not very much attractive, the music was great tho. Cheap drinks!!! Would go their again for sure


We went there this friday night. Even though they were giving out free pass for girls, but bad music just turned girls away! Never again!

rude security

The security guards at the club are a bunch of idiots they kicked out my friend because according to them he was " WALKING FUNNY" even tho my friend had come out of an accident and he was walking with a cane , they didnt seem to realize that and when i tried telling them they kicked me out too.

Rude Security

I am a private investogator. Any one been harassed or asaulted by the security at this club? Email me at

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