Blue Suede Sue's

75 Watline Ave., Mississauga, ON

Blue Suede Sue's Nightclub Info

Blue suede Sue's keeps its fun ambiance all year round which is one of the highlights of Mississauga's hottest Nightclub. Blue Suede Sues Nightclub is a beautifully maintained space with great sound and superb music including Top 40's, Hip-Hop, Dance, R&B and more. The entrance can often be overlooked by the average passer-by, but when the door opens you can hear the music and your experience ...

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Venue Type
Friday - Sunday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, R&B
1,000 person capacity, 3 rooms + patio

Blue Suede Sue's Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Blue Suede Sue's Nightclub.

Blue Suede Sue's Nightclub Reviews

Don't waste your time or money

We arrived at 11pm, after entering and walking up a few stairs, we smelled human excrement. Either a toilet backed up, or someone left a little something on the floor for the owner.
Mature crowd, yes very. Some in their 60's & 70's, looking to hook up with will 40-50 year old cougars.
Top40 and r&b?
When? What night?
It's all 80's maybe 90's music, and old vacation tunes played in cuba 15-20 years ago!! Maybe if the dj wasn't 55/60 years old?? Worst dj i have ever heard. Played 2 songs from 2015. Dj is a complete & total plug.
This place screams "you've hit rock bottom".
Atmosphere is outdated about 20 years +
Bathroom (ladies) was disgusting and needs a desperate makeover, locks on the doors that work perhaps?
Drinks are watered down, the mixed drinks contain zero alcohol. Order beer. So many people were complaining to the to bartenders, neither cared. I'm looking into who i can contact about them watering down the liquor, maybe a fine or two will wake the owner's ass up.
This is a meat market. Women are on display and men drool from the sidelines. If you make any type of eye contact for one second, they assume you want them to approach you.
Most of the men barely speak english, and just come off as greasy. That's putting it nicely.
No matter how old, overweight or ugly the women are, the men flock to them, like flies on shit.
The men expect you to accept their groping and inappropriate touching when you walk by...I guess with so many desperate ladies that frequent this dump, with zero self respect & zero class, they welcome it, the men are happy to do it.
Ladies who go weekly, please, get some class. Respect yourself.
I've been to some awful bars in to, but this dive takes the cake. If you've hit rock bottom, this place needs you.
There is not one good thing i can say about this place.
If you want to see what a sad reality these people live, or go for a good laugh, make a night of it. If you value yourself, you will leave this place thankful, and have pity for the regulars.
This place doesn't deserve 1 star. It is a dump, a dive, a hole.


The place was cheap, dirty and the dj sucked, big time. the bar tenders couldn't even offer a drinks menu. They didn't know how to make a margarita, tequila sunrise, bloody mary or sangria! what a dump! i later understood why the bartenders didn't server up menus, because they change the prices on you as the night goes on. they start with $10 a beer, and then raise the price up to $20 a beer, are you kidding? what a bunch of thieves! don't bother, find a better place, this bar really sucks!


Don't even waste your time on this place. It's the epitome of a dive! The minute i walked in i felt like l contracted an sti!! The decor of the place needs some serious upgrading, the so called "dancers" on the stage were a complete joke one was wearing black lace underwear as her costume. Seriously??...The strip joint's down the street she might do well there. the crowd was sketchy at best the guys make it very known your a piece of meat that they want to put their stamp on; and don't bother ordering drinks the most watered down crap...If i wanted tap water i would've asked for it. will never go back to this place ever and will never recommend it to anyone.


I used to go there at least once a week (either fri or sat) from 1996 to 2003. I never had a bad experience. It was me and my best friend that went, of course guys will hit on you, but i have never had anyone be obnoxious or anything like that. The people were mature and acted that way. We stopped going when we noticed the "younger crowds" since it changed the atmosphere of the club. We were both in our early 30's by then and it seemed a good time to stop. I will always have fond memories of this club, since i met my husband there and we have been married now for almost 12yrs. So don't let anyone tell you can't meet good guys at clubs. I never had a problem, also remember men will treat you the way you carry yourself, act like trash and you will be treated like it.


I used to go to blue suede sues in my 20's. Found the place fun. now that i'm 40 i went for a night out to the club and loved the music. people seemed a bit sketchy though to be honest. anyways i was there with my husband. It was obvious that we were a couple. men don't seem to care, its as if i was there alone in their eyes. i got there about 12:30am, had one drink. by the time my husband ordered the second drink, i stood there feeling very weird. within 15 seconds of feeling strange, i knew i was drugged! Within half an hour i am now in the emergency room. I could not feel my muscles and was having some sort of out of body experience. i went through my teen years and my 20's and 30's never been drugged and at the age of 40... A mature professional woman out with my husband... I get drugged. i understand that this can happen anywhere... However you can get robbed anywhere, but you'll avoid alleyways to be extra cautious right?... Well.. You'll want to avoid this run-down, re-tread environment with a bunch of recycled prowlers.

iPhone 5 returned!

The owner of the club called me at 11am this morning, the iphone was returned!


Wow! Happy f****** new years!! attended their new years event last night dec31/13) upon arriving i checked my coat in! Ticket #17. In the inner zippered pocket of my left lapel of my coat i left my iphone 5. When i was handed my coat back at 2am i did not check for my phone immediately. On route home, i went for it and to my surprise and absolute disgust i realized it wasn't there. Using my girlfriends phone i logged into find my phone which told me that it was located on watline avenue and was not moving. I went back to the drinking hole that apparently employs thieves and entrusts them with their loyal patrons property. i explained the situation to the bouncers, who told me to speak to the dj which was pointless and then the cleaner, who was nice enough to take down a callback number, i then proceeded to where the act of theft took place- i went to the coat check girls who originally took my coat in exchange for the #17 ticket and asked them straight up where my phone was because find my phone was telling me that it was still at this location and not moving! Ya it moved alright! From my coat zippered pocket, right into their purse or pocket. apparently the manager on staff had a curfew and was no longer there to assist in this theft!
Let me just point out the facts to anyone who reads this:
1. I arrived at the club. Had my phone in my hand as i was trying to call the couple i was meeting there.
2. When done with my call. I put my phone in the left side inside pocket that had a zipper and made sure it was zipped up and safe
3. I handed my coat to the heavier set dark haired girl in the coat check and was handed ticket number 17 by the slimmer of the two.
4. At 2am i went to the coat check to get my coat and was handed it quickly
5. On route home, i realized that while my coat was intact, my phone was not there!
6. Find my phone told me that my device was still at the club
7. I headed back and confronted the employees on staff as find my phone was still telling me that it was
there and was not moving
8. No one in this club of managorial position or otherwise would step up and make
their minimum wage staff of theives aid in the search or admit to the theft. No
one asked them to open their purses or check their coat pockets for my device,
when it was clearly still on the premises and not moving!
9. depleted, disappointed and disgusted at the fact that a club that i support and attend on a regular
basis, so readily dismissed me and my situation like it was nothing!

My advise to anyone thinking about stepping foot on the premises of this drinking hole, think twice, you can drink and dance at a lot of other clubs in the area. Clubs that are as loyal to you as you are to them, clubs that respect their patrons and their belongings, clubs that will investigate, deal with and terminate employees that are rude, dishonest, or just plain criminal!

Bartender outside the the coat check

Be careful with the bartender outside the the coat check and her hooker friends, next to the bathrooms there is the coat check area where lots of people transit, and come in and out. I accidentally bump into her friend and both girls started a verbal fight against me saying that "i had intentionally touched her ass". The aggressive attitude is the "never coming back here" because these girls were just looking to start a fist fight if possible, these girls looked like angry cats in drugs. Jenna"the manager" did nothing because she said she didn't know the bartender. How can she be a manager without knowing her staff? There is nothing special about this place.


Forgot a nice jacket at coat check on NYE, still had the coat check ticket, called them back, told them the ticket # described the jacket in detail including what's in the pockets. "Nope, we don't have it", must've disappeared into thin air, I got a $600 coat check ticket now! Classy joint!

Fun place

This is a place where you go to have fun and let loose. Yes, it is a bit of a cougar, bar but thats what makes it so interesting and fun. People to me look like they just want to have fun, and its definately not a stuck up bar. Part of what is great about it men will try and pick you up, which is awesome. Who wants to go out and not meet friendly new people? I always have a good time there. And you can always find a cute cub, who is more than happy to do some bumping and grinding on the dance floor. After a long hard week at work, its all a lady can ask for. Its also reasonably priced, and parking is not an issue. Check it out and enjoy!

If you made a call to hell from this place, it would be a local call.

Called before attending and got on guestlist. Went down for a birthday party with 10 of us in the party. 7 females and 3 guys. The girls we brought were by far the best looking in the joint. We are all between 22 to 29 years old. Most people here are an older uglier crowd. As soon as we walked in, we ordered drinks and shots. Proceeded to walk the club and got stopped by security 5 minutes into being here. Was told to check my fitted hooded sweater. I refused and told security that their dress code doesn't stipulate anything about wearing a sweater. Walked away from security and had him follow me to the other side of the bar. Owner showed up and asked me to check the coat. I told him we are here and it's cold outside and going for smokes would be freezing without it. Owner insisted and asked us to leave if I didn't. Over a sweater that is fitted and not baggy, they were ready to have us leave. Terrible owners and bouncers. In the end, when we said we are all leaving, I was told by the owner to just take the sweater off and hold on to it. Made no sense at all to me, but I obliged so we could continue the party. 

The second part of the problem came when we tried to get my girlfriends $350 TNA coat back from coat check. DO NOT misplace your ticket. The management here feel that if you lose your ticket, you donated your jacket to their staff. Absolute BS what we went through to get that back. They were holding the jacket in their hands but refused to hand it over. We were told to come after close or next week. When I yelled at the manager about this being a stupid policy, one of the girls in our party overheard her say to her staff that she just got herself a nice TNA jacket. The rudest and most unhelpful people we have ever dealt with. 

The final straw...
My girlfriend spoke to the female owner because security ended up asking a friend to leave because someone almost started a fight with him. The owner said that the other guys who were involved did not get kicked out because they are regulars. These guys looked coked out with some serious jaw clenching issues. Real shady characters. We ended up leaving due to this with all of us. Girlfriend told the owner that we were here for the first and last time. We are very active in the Mississauga night life and are all well employed. We enjoy spending money and partying locally and don't care for down town Toronto. The music here is nice and the club is decent. The place needs new owners and the bouncers and staff need to take a course of dealing with people properly. Being rude only makes people mad. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Try Croc Rocks, Failte, &co, Rehab, West 50. Way better places! Save your hard earned money for this poor experience at this place. 

Racist @ssholes

Unless you are white and are in your 40's, don't bother going to this sh!tty bar.
They force you to do a coat check and if you are a smoker, you are f.ucked. Their "heated" patio is anything but that. So, you will be paying for coat check a lot of times in one night if it is cold outside. To the b!tch below that said "tons of fun..." were you on meth? shrooms? ecstacy? And why the hell would you condone driving? You think people go to a bar to be sober? or is it just a fake review by the douche bag ugly owner and their staff of monkey security f@gs that think they are cops? Pathetic.

about dj

I am a DJ from toronto. I am playing from last 5 years. i am in
toronto from last 2 years. I already did some private shows in Toronto. i use to play in my back home club and private parties. I found your address from one of my friend , he is a promoter im really interested to work on your please let me know if you guys are looking for any dj. I mix electrohouse, top 40 , all mashup and soca. thanks you so much , I hope you ll be reply very soon.

this is one of my demo of electro house...i have more of top 40, top mashup, hip hop and soca...

try this one ...hope you ll be like it..If you want i can send you more demo..and my webside is under construction, its comming very soon .thnx


I would be careful paying with credit card at this place. The little portuguese owner has an issue with overcharging

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