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401 King Street West, Toronto, ON, M5V 1K1
647 927 3900

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Bloke has recently opened its doors to the much anticipated, unprecedented social dining experience. Situated at King & Spadina and hosting over 6,000 sq feet of sophisticated elegance, this unparalleled venue is a distinguished fusion of exclusive dining, interactive lounge and reputable services A place where exclusivity meets comfort, Bloke & 4th Lounge is designed for sophisticated socialites ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B

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There is currently no events posted for Bloke Lounge.

Bloke Lounge Reviews

I am looking for Mohammed. We meet February 3rd 2018

Hi all this is a long shot. I am looking for a guy i met here that night. He was with friends but i never met them him only i met. we had sex same night and i have twins now. I’m hoping someone remembers like him or his friends they came down and watched us. Yes i have to get personal so i can get to the root of the issue.

Overall a good night

Went to bloke last saturday for my 23 birthday, got six bottles and two booths and i had a guest of 30 people, we came from hamilton by a limo. Everyone got into the club without a problem, overall we all had a good time, however the only weird thing was that we weren’t allowed to vape inside the club, we bought it off one of the workers that was selling it and when the bouncer saw us smoking it he told us vaping was not allowed inside the club, i found it kind of odd. But other then that we all had a good night.

Not a real club

Was stuck going to bloke both last friday and saturday for birthday parties. The music sucked both nights so we left early.

All ages on Friday

This club is all ages on fridays. 17 year olds. Drunk stupid kids yacking in the club. No id checked. Don't go.


Does anyone know if saturdays at bloke is any good? I know fridays are... But how about saturday?

Best Friday's in Toronto!

Consistently the place to be on a friday night. Blonde haired, muscular dj is amazing.
Best music all of us have ever heard played in a club. service from the bar is very fast. We have a guaranteed good time every friday. Dance the whole night long!

Bloke Lounge

Amazing place!! Me and my friends love the layout and the atmosphere, we always have a good time each time we go also every time that we do go, we always get a booth and the prices are very good and the service is always top notch. I highly recommend bloke to anyone who's in downtown for the weekend or just to find a good place to spend your night!


I would give this club and its management a zero star. I identified my teenage daughter and her teenage friends (16 year olds) in the pictures, they have drinks in their hands and the pictures bear the bloke stamp. I complained about this to the management, to bring to their attention that their bouncers don't check id and let children into the establishment.
I am going to the police with this information and i am going to start the process of investigation. They should have their liquor licence revoked immediately.
I am an outraged parent of an out of control teenager.

If you have the complexion for protection. ..

Then you will be treated to above trash service but thats not even a given. Get ready to stand in line while cloned sluts and white "trap stars" be let in before you and even if you are on guestlist you will be treated like scum. If you like pretencious staff treating you like a peasant this is the place to party! Not even rich assholes are exempt from being bullied by a meat head bouncer. Have fun funding the wanna be elite at this place. Yuck!


Went here for new year's eve, and it was a terrible experience. By december 30th the tickets for the event were up to $100 and i hope no one bought them for that much because it was barely worth it go for the $30 i paid. They sold way too many tickets, it was way too crowded. After waiting in an extremely long line for coat check it filled up. Obviously everyone is going to have a coat so you need to have as many hangers or more for how many tickets you sell.. We had to hold on to our winter coats while dancing. After midnight people started to leave and you could line up again. Lined up for half an hour before we got to the front. I paid for myself and my friend and the people at coat check told me i didn't pay for one of them and i did. Had to pay twice, although coat check was only $3, so at least it was reasonable. The staff were actually pretty good, minus the people at coat check. They also said there would be platters and champagne at midnight and there were neither. I'm sure it would be better on a regular night, not new year's eve, but because of my experience i won't go back.

Terrible club experience

I've never been so disrespected by someone as much as i was sunday night at bloke by a tall black male security guard. He was being abusive to me for no apparent reason besides them claiming someone saw me give them the middle finger. that's complete bs. The other security next to him was trying to stop him from hitting me but either way i was kicked out without finishing my bottles. He also wanted me to swear on my mothers grave, that's when i lost it because she just went through surgery and i was just trying to celebrate a successful week at with my friends. apparently some white guy a week before called all the black bouncers "dirty ni***ers." i am not racist and i am white so these guys felt like they had to do something. ... Im not forgetting about this moment and i don't recommend going to bloke on sundays

Bloke - VIP Bottle Service and Guest-List

If you are looking to book bottle service and/or guest-list, let us take care of you!

Send an email to habib@alluregroupto.Com with all inquires.

Bloke sundays only*


So we had a booth booked with bottle service on a saturday night at 10:30 pm. We were all of age and older, and the bouncer refused to let two of our friends in because he couldnt properly read their id's, as they are from tennese and nova scotia. Would not hear what we had to say, they had their credit cards with their names and they refused. Terrible service


The only good things about this place are the location and venue itself and many of the photographers taking pics of ppl inside the club who were also really nice. otherwise, everything else was brutal!! the dj was horrible!!! it was as if the dj was high or had add or both!! lol. he was all over the place with the music he played and you could hardly dance to what he was playing. and the music he mostly played was house and techno. my friends and i didn't know the majority of the music he was playing and on the website it says they play top 40, hip hop and r&b. def false advertising!! they need to update their website if techno and house is the kind of music they want to play or else they need a better dj!! they need dj's like the ones who play at crocodile rock in to or ivy in burlington. those dj's are soooooo good that you don't ever want to sit down even if your feet hurt!! lol. my friends and i went to bloke on sat. April 25th for my bday and we were told that if we put our names on the guestlist and arrived before 11pm then we wouldn't have to wait to get in. we got there before 11pm and they made us wait anyways. the outside staff and front desk and security staff were not very friendly or pleasant either. def didn't make a good first impression. and my friends and i were really surprised by a lot of ppl they actually let in the club. a lot of guys and girls looked like they just walked in off the street and were def not dressed to attend a club. and a lot of ppl inside the club were also acting as if they were at a strip club by the way they were acting with one another and the security staff didn't do anything. brutal!! this was the first time my friends and i had ever gone to bloke and will def be our last. def wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!!


I was there on april 18, the music was good and atmosphere. It was a little too packed for me though. I did not appreciate the bartender robbing me, by shorting my change by $4.50! drinks are already very expensive there already!

security guard

I came here with a friend on wednesday for a way back play back and i showed my security guard id card and told the head security i work for star security which is 1 of the biggest entertainment security in gta and i was told they never heard of that lol its funny .
And usualy all security guard or bouncers able to get in with out paying entrench cover it's courtesy anyways i had to pay $ 15 but i do t care about the money but still when i worked in for 5 years as a bouncer at dirty martini , aria , the guv , cool house and comfort zone and they didn't let me in thats fucked up
Thank you
This is toronto
I'm from hungary it's not like here every body is able to get in for free at clubs if you show id
Thank for reading
April 08 2015

No Chance in Hell

Wow, all the reviews from 2013-2015 are pretty much all negative and have similar experiences of ruined nights and racist/inept staff. Will definitely take my business elsewhere. Can't believe they moved wayback playback to this horrendous place.


If i could give a negative star rating, i would. I was extremely excited to try bloke on my birthday. My group and i payed a lot of money for booth and bottles. We were ready for a good time. As we arrive, the bouncers are rude as hell and the guy giving our tickets for entrance was a d***. I don't understand why! We were placed in a booth so small, only 5 out of my 15 guests could sit down. It was a long, straight booth but they divided it into two, so another group could have the other half. Unfortunately, the people in the other half were trying to take some of our space and even our alcohol! Lol! The booth was near the exit for smokers so it was cold the whole time we were there. I only found one washroom with maybe 4 or 5 stalls. People are literally should-to-shoulder inside the club. It is small and overcrowded. We went out for a smoke, and my friend who was one of my guests was not being let back in because they were "overcapacity". I explained to the dumb bouncer that he was a guest in my booth and the bouncer replied, "you can leave too if you want". Disgusting service, rude people, and extremely small venue. Definitely do not recommend bloke.

Awful Experience!

I was in toronto for the weekend with a girlfriend of mine and we decided to head out to some clubs - we arrived at bloke and while showing our ids the bouncer not only hit on myself but grabbed my butt as i walked inside - i was disgusted and this is completely unprofessional to say the least. The coat check line took 25 minutes and it was only 7 people long but finally we were good to go. The club was so over crowded that just to talk with my friend i had to be pressed up against her and a wall - no room to do anything. The security inside didn't pay attention to anything while trying to leave i was grabbed by a man and pushed up against the wall
While a security guard simply watched as my friend & i struggled to push him away. Afterwards he commented to us how strong we were to get a guy off of me like that - ya thanks for the help bud. After only 1 hour we decided to leave (the 20$ cover not being worth it at all) and once again the same bouncer grabbed me and attempted to get my number while holding onto my hip. This place is rude, racist, and so unprofessional i have no idea why so many go to it.


I went 2 weeks ago and enjoyed parts of the night. My issues were 1) waiting 15 minutes to check my coat when only 3 ppl were in front of me. 2) one bar charges one price while the other another, i don't like being scammed. 3) had to leave at 1am due to severe over crowding. That killed the night. The music got better as the night went along, but early on was too much dance/house and nothing else. Staff was very polite. I plan on going back one day. Oh, beware of of some online sites with club details. This club has a $20 cover even though some sites list it at $10-$15 (before guest list). Guest list only knocks off $5. Also, you can't use club crawlers for guest list because it doesn't work.

Off-White Inc - Bottle Service & Guest List

If you're looking for your bloke vip bottle service or guest list connect don't hesitate to contact us at subtleoffwhite@gmail.Com. It is our duty to make sure that you are taken care of.

Bottle Service

For bottle service & guest list contact 647.838.8499


All the comments below about bloke are 110% accurate and exactly true!!! Don't waste your time or your money to even bother getting in especially if you are coloured.

I decided to celebrate my champagne birthday at bloke on a saturday. A week before, i called and put 30 people down for guest list. I called, and confirmed, and from my end, everything looked good to go (or so i thought). We got to the door at 10:15 (which is early for any club in toronto, or in any other city). We were blatantly ignored by the bouncers there. They barely made eye contact with us. But, they were more than happy to let the white people in, who weren't even on the guest list -- with wide open arms, a welcoming smile, and no questions were even asked. Finally, 10:30 hits, and a girl with blonde hair comes out and asked us if we're on the guest list. I gave her the names for the guest list, she scrolled through the phone, and she told me that we weren't and that she does not have anybody by that name. A tall bouncer with a goatee and rude (and unnecessary) attitude came up to us, told us that they could not accommodate us, and that we should go elsewhere…we did not bother reasoning with them or trying to convince them to let us in. It was not worth our time, money, and efforts so we went elsewhere.

Bloke presents itself as an urban, sophisticated venue that is classy but the staff is far from that. They are ignorant, rude, and arrogant. It is this "swanky" place that has made its way on to the top of the list of clubs in toronto -- a place for torontonians to explore -- but it's not worth it at all. The staff gives this place a bad name, hence why i am writing this review...

I came with a group of 20+ people who were down to spend their money, get their drink on, and just overall have a great time! All i can say is that i am so so sooo very happy that i saved my hard on dime and spent it at a place that was more than welcoming and accommodating to us. Bloke does not deserve a single penny from anyone and everyone should just stay away from it.

Considering the demographics of this city, it is hard for me to believe that a place like this exists in the city…especially such a popular one. The staff is ignorant, unprofessional, and all for unnecessary reasons. Being in the heart of downtown, this should not be tolerated and given the comments below, i'm surprised management has not changed the image of their venue around.

For those of you who are reading the comments, do not go!

For those of you who have read the comments and decided to go, but didnt get in --- go to cake -- $10 cover, $4 drinks, $3 shots (it can't get better than that). They turned my night around and we ended up having an amazing time -- good vibe, good crowd, good music, and awesome drinks. The staff was great -- no perpetuation of racism there!

For management --- you all need to get your sh** together


This place is very unprofessional and i would say racist as well. We were on guestlist (i have the confirmation email), dressed well, and there was no one in line, yet somehow my name wasn't on the lady at the front door's list. When i tried to show them the email she said it had to be on her list or she couldn't let us in. Bullshit. On top of that they made us wait in line for so long in the cold when it was flurrying even after saying we were on guestlist, just to say no to us. We were not drunk or rowdy, i guess our only problem was that we were coloured. My friend was inside already and said they even blocked off a part of the club because it was not packed inside at all. Just another place with pompous, ignorant bouncers. Do not go there. Bloke is not upscale, or classy or anything related to that, it is disgusting how "management" treats people there. Utterly repulsed. Thanks bloke for wasting my time on my birthday. Also, maybe they should remove the email option because it doesn't matter if you confirm guestlist or not, it all depends on what skin colour you are when you arrive at the front door.

Midget Photographers (Tuesdays) infestation

Ok i only have one beef about this place and all clubs in general.

It's about these midget photographers who are running around everywhere interrupting people's conversations and taking pictures to hand his business cards (only to girls btw) and are extremely annoying.

Please no more midget photographers. they are like rats. i propose a height requirement of > 6'2" minimum.

Other than that everything is generally good at bloke.

Racist and fights break out at classy Bloke. Bloke is a Joke!

Guest list is a joke. the coat check person gave our coats to someone else and when we stopped the line from moving forward without our jackets, the black bouncer called us niggers behind our backs, coward! if you are coloured and looking for a good time, do not go to bloke. I have never been to a venue where the patrons consider drinking and standing around a good time. no one dances, the bar does not have a wide selection, and the venue is small; no wonder there is always a line up. maximum capacity is probably 150 people. a fight broke out at classy bloke. what is classy about that?


This is one of many racist clubs downtown. Three brown person in line is too much for their coloured quota. They made us wait in the guest list line while letting other people in. Their excuse was we were not on quest list even thou i have a message showing them confirming my guest list and the promoter was present. The other excuse was that the guys in the group was not "dressed" yet they were in dress shirts and dress shoes. Meanwhile white guys in t-shirts were getting in. Avoid at all cost. the girl at the front that take cares of guest list should find another job. And the bread guy at the front is simply arrogant. The club promotes it self as classy yet the people that works there are far from classy.

The staff is racist and unprofessional. The owners need to rethink what "classy and upscale" means because their staff is far from that and classy does not mean "only white people and excludes colour"!

Its the 21 st century, and we live in toronto. It supposed to be multicultural!


Wow! *hint hint* note to management: i was very interested in having my birthday here before reading the reviews. You all should get your act together. 98% of the comments on here are complaints and they are all of the same thing. You should treat your costumers better or people like me (who are willing to spend good money) will take their business elsewhere.


Where do i even start... I was looking for a nice venue to celebrate my birthday. We came across bloke & 4th from the club crawlers website. when i told friends where we would be celebrating, i was warned of the fact that they had heard negative things about this place and was sent the link to the review page from a friend. sure enough i read bad review after bad review after bad review concerning the difficulty people have had with the staff here and even getting their tables in the club. i still did want to try bloke (big mistake) so we made sure to raise our concerns to the person who booked it for us (nelson), and told him we had heard bad reviews. we had also double checked the dress code and asked him to clarify. he told us "nothing that looks like you are about to go and workout, no baggy clothes, runners etc." which is normal, and how my friends dress anyhow. i was assured we would have no issues, and nelson quoted us $800 for our bottles package. the same day, the day of my birthday (saturday, september 21) we show up to the venue. we were told to wait in line where their one bottle service hostess (they only have one for the entire venue) would eventually deal with us. we waited for quite a while and i inquired about what we were waiting on, as there was only one group ahead of us. we were told by the bouncer that they had double booked some tables (unprofessionalism at it's finest) and we would have to wait until they figure out the issue. after about 20 more minutes the girl came to talk to us. she then told us we had no table, and my name was not on the list (after we had spoke with nelson earlier in the day and he confirmed our booking). she then told us we would have to pay $900 cash + tips and fees, if we wanted a table, when earlier we were quoted $800 all in. i proceeded to pay her the $800 flat we had been told (i guess she realized they weren't going to scam us for the extra money), told her that i had more people coming very shortly. she told me to come outside and get my guests when they arrive, no issues. the booth itself was small and had nothing at all to separate us from the people in the booth beside us and we had to wait and wait and wait any time we asked our hostess for anything (more juice etc). my guests who were joining us (my boyfriend and 4 of his friends) had then texted me from outside advising me that the "power trip" security was giving them issues about coming inside (mind you this is the exact same issue all other reviewers have complained about but i did not listen). i went outside to speak to the bottle service girl and was told to talk to security. i was told a handful of excuses why my guests could not get in. first was "they venue was at capacity" second, "there were too many people with my boyfriend" (4 people is apparently too many people to arrive together to a club...), third, "their attire was not to bloke standards". all of my guests who were joining were dressed accordingly in either collar polo t-shirts, or ties with vests, dressy pants and dress shoes. so i asked them to elaborate, and was told it was because one of them was wearing a hat. a hat, really? a hat is an accessory which can be taken off. it is clear that security was looking to be difficult. we had spent a lot of money that night at bloke, purchased 3 bottles of grey goose with our package, and once inside purchased another magnum of grey goose and another 750ml grey goose bottle. my guests outside were also looking to buy another bottle. the staff at bloke are on a major power trip and they do not care about you once they have your money in your pocket. at the end of it, my guests were fed up with dealing with their power trip and took their business elsewhere, and at the end of it my birthday was ruined by this venue. i would strongly urge anyone who is considering going to bloke to listen to the reviews that are on this page!!! i was aware of the reviews but figured i would give bloke the benefit of the doubt, and was very very disappointed!!!! Please listen to myself and the many others and take your business elsewhere, if you would like to be treated with respect and enjoy a stress-free night.

too many shill reviews

There are too many shill reviews at this place mostly out of jealousy for the pretty hostess

Racist and Rude

If i could give this place no stars, i would. we had reservations and bottle service for 30 people. when we got to the front, security told the birthday boy that the jays took our table and then we ask to speak to the manager. the manager told us we wouldn't be able to get in and they turned us away. my friend showed them all the text messages confirming the reservation but it didn't make a difference. what happened is they saw 20 brown guys in a group of 30 and that would put them over their quota for brown/black people. well there loss! they loss out on hundreds of dollars and my friends are great tippers. i will definitely not return! get with the times!

Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!!!

Where do i start with this club? i have been here a handful of times and every single time there is always an issue with the glist girl and/or bouncers!!!! for whatever reasons, they enjoy giving their patrons a hard time and insist that you must get bottle service if you want to enter the club, regardless if you are on the guestlist or not. reasoning with the door people is equivalent in attempting to reason with a 5 year old child.... Pointless.

I went to bloke, this past friday night (june 21st) and although i actually got in with no issues this time around of course there was an issue later in the night with their bouncers..... Surprise surprise. i had two sets of friends coming to meet me at this club that have never met each other before. one of my girlfriends was coming alone, so i went outside to instruct her to meet with the other girls so she isnt waiting alone. i stepped out at the front and one of the bouncers started yelling at me "you need to get back inside right now!!!"... Although i told him what i was doing, he was super rude. then i went behind the doors (to get out of the sight of the bouncers but could still look outside) to continue the call. the bouncer saw me, despite my efforts, and yell at me again. "get inside right now, the longer you are out here, the longer i will make your friends wait in line!".... Say what now? his attitude was simply disgusting. of course, i didnt argue and just went in but the way these people make you feel and just simply not worth it. it wasnt till about an hour later that i discovered that the "smoke pit" was right outside the front doors. so i ask myself.... Why didnt the bouncer respectfully just ask me to go into the smoke pit and make my call??? absolutely ridiculous. it is obviously clear that these people get some sort of "high" and feel empowered by disrespecting people.

I am in my early 30s. i am not a newbie to the night life nor am i an obnoxious drunken fool. we spend time and money to go out and have a good time and deserve to be treated with respect. I am giving this club a thumbs down!

I will never come to this club again just for this fact. i hope management reads these reviews and realizes that their door people are killing their business.


I will never ever cometo this trashy place again. The staff are so rude esp the guest list girl.

My experience here was horrible. I was standing outside in the smoking area and was waiting for my friend to finish her smoke and i was told by that rude guest list girl at the front to go back inside immediately and my other friend was beside me and i said to my friend "what a fuckin bitch" and the girl at the front told the bouncer how i looked at her and called her a fuckin bitch.

The bouncer got 'tough' and came up to me (pretty close) and demanded that i leave the club. while the girl stood there with a smirk on her face. so i decided to make them both feel stupid, and told them that i didnt call her a bitch but in fact i was joking around with my friend and called my friend a bitch. i questioned the guest list girl and asked her 'why on earth would i call you a bitch, i dont even know you?'. they were speechless and felt stupid, and told me not to worry about it. hahah idiots. she was a bitch but god forbid that someone calls her out on it. they are on such power trips that if you even look at them the wrong way, they will physically throw you out.

Sorry about the caps. just needed to scream them out!

The club itself is not too bad but the people at the front are horrible. i cannot even explain to you how much of a power trip those people at the front are. they take 'rudeness' to the next level. they feel superior and try to belittle all the guests because they know there is no point in arguing with them. if they want you out.... You are out. end of story.

Do not come to this club and give them your business. maybe management needs to realize that these people need to be kicked to the curve and replacement.

If you want a good place on a friday night, try out everleigh. the staff treats their guests with respect and values your business.


For a place that is suppose to be a higher end venue and deals with classier people you would think they would drop the attitude. I put myself on the guestlist through the clubs website, when I got there the Glist girl said I was not on the list. She then proceeded to say if I wasn't on the list I could not come it. It was really sad, and embarrassing since I told my friends I set up Glist there. We ended up going to a club next door and it was much more professional, classy and an upbeat crowd. I recommend Bloke gets a new Glist girl before everyone has a bad taste in their mouth from dealing with her.


For the long weekend, a bunch of us lined up to go inside Bloke and 4th. Despite being on the guest list, and getting there around 10:30 p.m. the bouncers had informed us the only way we could go inside is if we
a) buy a bottle of Dom for $600 at the bar or
b) two out of the four of us would have to buy a bottle of vodka.
I saw around 50 people leave the line to go somewhere else because they had it with the lack of respect they were being shown and pretentious attitude of the door men.
I would never recommend Bloke and 4th to anyone. If you want to have a good night with your girlfriends or date, DON"T go to this venue because it will be a complete waste of time.
This venue reflects poorly on the nightlife in Toronto. Where is the honour in serving the patrons that wish to support establishments like Bloke?
We, like 50 other people in line left and went to another venue and had a great time. Our group of four paid our cover fee, we all bought drinks at the bar and that's all we were hoping to do at Bloke but this venue was being unreasonable and lost a lot of respect, and returning business from several Torontonians.
I'd be happy to see this business run itself into the ground. And if they continue to treat people this way -- it won't be long before it does.
- F

Bloke is a joke

Bloke &4th from what I thought was a upscale place, the bouncers and door girl are not so professional. The door girl couldn't find me on her so called guest list which she was trying to find on her phone instead of the clip board she was holding in her hand. For some ironic reason she didn't want to let me and my girls in the club not sure what her problem was, but no class they need to step up and find people that have manners and don't hate on other women pathetic I tell you.. I'm regularly in the clubbing scene but decided for once to try bloke but I think I'll stick to Brassaii at least they live up to their name ...


It was supposed to be a fun filled night but that surely turned into a huge disappointment The promoter had promised us guest list and giving the fact that we all had all gone there before and it was a decent experience but this night was the complete opposite. When we arrived the girl told us we were not on guest list and insisted there was no guy with the name that we were suppose to be under. A few moments later she spoke to him gave us dirty looks. We asked him what the problem was and he simply said that it was beyond his ability. He also had mentioned that they had a fling. We asked her what the problem was and said guest list only and we were not in dress code. 4 girls in dresses and heels smh!! Sush a shame that instead of doing her job she brought her personal issue on us. When all we wanted to do is take our friend out who came from out of town. Disgusting on how shameful some people are. Never going back and after this happening to us other people have come forward in saying that the girl at the door has have attitude to and has forced the other bouncers not to let them in. Bloke and 4th needs to be upscale in there door staff

Worst night ever

I came to bloke &4th hoping to celebrate my birtday under the discretion of the promoter who insisted I should come celebrate my birthday.. He went as far as putting up a invite on fb saying to come out to celebrate my birthday.. Let me tell u how horrible my night went the girl at the door said I'm not on guest list wouldn't let me an my girl friends in the promoter said he can't do anything about It if u have a special night I wouldn't recommend going their unless u wanna ruin your night and if you do decide to go don't listen to the promoter who most likely says he put you on guest list and won't. Was very disappointed in the way My friends were treated by the door girl, bouncers and promoter my night was entirely ruined..


Saw the previous review - Jimmi is an ass - He wouldn't let me in last summer unless I paid him $20. Never went back to this place.

One horrible bouncer

Loved this club, used to frequent it all the time. Got to know one of the bouncers (his name is Jimmi, tall Caucasian man, mid-to-late 30s) and he started hitting on me (as he does all decent-looking Asian girls)... After turning him down politely, he never let me into the club again, claiming that I was too drunk or that we needed to buy more bottles. Never had that issue before he got rejected by me though!!

Other bouncers are friendly, but Jimmi is just an asshole who obviously can't stand being rejected. Girls, watch out for him. This has happened to at least two of my other friends in the past few months.

Good times!

I had a blast on my girls night! We did not have a booth nor bottles but you can tell the difference between an upscale lounge and a dirty club. The music is good but not much top 40's, more like electronic and lounge-like, but still good! Didn't have guys coming up to me and grabbing me or anything, the people that go there are a bit classier ;) it's a social place, not a place to get wasted, grab some girl and have sex with her in the corner.

Amazing Time

Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Adam and The Bloke & 4th for an amazing time last night. There tapas style apps" are great for trying new things. The scallops and shrimp are to die for!!. I will be going back for sure. Once again Thanks for the great experience!!


Fridays are GROSS!!! Music is horrible!! Crowd is ugly, and it smells of feet odur in there! Other than a rum and coke the bartyender couldnt make a proper drink

Young Professional

Our corporate Christmas party was a blast, the waitress was stunning, social apps were delicious, I really liked the veal meatballs. Everybody had a great time, the mood was good, only downside is: for corporate events, more space next time.


Ignore what everyone says about this place being bad!! i came here last night and had a really great time!
The food is great! the quesos need a bit of seasoning inside and the molten chocolate bomb are to die for! I didn't know the place turns into a club after 10pm so my dinner was a bit rushed but it was worth every bite! I then partied with the people i came with and they were really happy with the service! I will definitely come back to this place!
Also the menu displayed outside is different than what you get inside. I was really interested in the popcorn infused dessert but they didn't have it on the menu! Either than that i had a wonderful experience!

Great Spot

I just moved in to the king west area and had a lovely dinner and drinks with my fiancee...I definitely will be returning...I'm surprised the night club is packed every night considering all the bad things people say about it on this site...Probably people who don't have enough money to be going out in the first place. Keep doing your thing blokes

Ur Kidding right?

Embarrasing! this isnt even a niteclub! Only in toronto can a burger joint put a sound system and call it a club!


The best thing i seen at bloke and the farce is the notice that there gonna demolish the building!


Ate here on Saturday with a group of friends and hands down had the best experience. Food was amazing- we all shared everything but my absolute favorite were the pork belly and sliders.
Booth service was hard to get cause of the wait list. But we lucked out and got one and hosts were awesome. Def doing more parties here.


Even though you're in the guest list and still want to wait in the line on a friday night, go to Bloke & 4TH. Also, you have to guarantee that you'll absolutely buy at least 3 bottles to get in.
Here's your fun night at Bloke & 4TH.

Guest service means shit.

This place is horrible.
We had 25 people on guest list and they wouldn't let us all in, instead they let people from the regular line in. We had to buy 3 bottles to convince them to let us in.
We didn't get a booth with those three bottles or proper service PLUS the place is ugly and does not live up to it's reputation.
Horrible service, horrible decor. Overrated.

Really good

I went there on Friday Nov 16th, had a bite to eat and sticked around...the food was really good, and the music was incredible. They played old school hip hop mixed with new which was amazing!

Hidden gem for food on king st

Wow!! So last friday we had resos at weslodge.. They misplaced our reservation and we were stuck walking down king st to find something!! Sure enough, we stopped at bloke and 4th... I thought it was just a nightclub?? My friend said they heard the food is really good so we checked out the restaurant.. We had a prix fixe menu and I had the best tar tare of my life... Another favorite was the bangkok slaw.. I look forward to returning to Bloke as a restaurant instead of a night club. Soooo Good.. Get the molten chocolate cheesecake for dessert...The bomb!

Mmm Bloke

WOW, Saturday night was going off!!
It was my third time in and once again they did not disappoint! . There tapas style "social apps" are great for trying new things which is the big draw for me. Ive almost made my way through the menu with the help of a few good friends and helpful servers directing me, the scallops are to die for!!. One thing I did notice food and drinks took a little longer then usual but worth the wait, It seemed much busier then other nights I've been word must be getting out.
With the vibes as hot at dinner the night was sure to follow suit... to top things off the manager made us feel special by offering complementary round of drinks on our way to the lounge. I will definitely be back and continue to spread the good word about Bloke and 4th!!!!

Birthday Party??

This Place is brutal, service is terrible, We had reservation for 10, they set up the table for 8. we had 11 people show up, they do not stock extra chairs, they only rent what they have reservations for, we had to fit 7 people in a 4 person booth.

my friend ordered a vegetarian dish after one hour still no dinner for her, we all ate and she is still hungry, she cancelled her dinner and didn't have anything to eat. I ate my sliders and in my mouth was a hair, I thought it was mine, but after I took it out the hair out of my mouth it was blonde, I have black hair.

Then after dinner if you didn't book the table for bottle service they kick you out of your seats and you have to stand all night.

I will never go there again. The worse service I have ever received in a restaurant.

not bad

went there on a friday. music was good for a bit but way too much house music. crowd was not too young, decent people, good looking people. a bit expensive but thats a trade not to be surrounded by kids!

Celebrating a Birthday?

Celebrating a Birthday?

If you are looking for a venue that will ensure an unforgettable evening you have to make reservations at the Bloke and 4th.

I don't think I will ever forget that sinking feeling I experienced when i got a call from the other members of our party who had arrived at the venue 20 minutes early informing me that there was no reservation!!! The phone was then handed to the staff member and after informing her that our reservation for 6 was made directly with the owner by a senior staff member i know personally, it was discovered that it had been incorrectly entered in for the night before! They apologized and said they would try and fit us in. When my wife and I arrived the other guests had been seated and I was promised a round of drinks to make up for their error. The mood was not good to say the least as I had promised we would be treated "very well" and instead received a table in the "hov lane" In an attempt to get the evening back on track I ordered a bottle of $365 wine and we commenced with the shared food entree fare. We were in the process of finishing our second bottle of the same wine and had received the bill when two of our guests stood up to use the facilities only to find themselves engaged in a game of musical chairs. The staff were very aggressively in the process of transforming the restaurant into a club and we were not being allowed to finish our wine at the table. Once again I informed them that we were booked in for the evening and had seating for the entire night. When i stood up to speak to the staff member my chair was also ripped away from me while i was being told we could finish the last of our nearly $800 worth of wine over in the bar area! Another staff member arrived at the space that used to occupy our now missing table and informed his team member that we did indeed have a booth reserved for us and that we should follow him. Upon arrival at the "2 person" booth I was told that we were obliged to a 2 bottle minimum at $265 per in order for the 6 of us to occupy the space around the 2 person seat. Once again i questioned this and offered to purchase one bottle of vodka as a compromise and was told that would not be enough to allow us to occupy that area. We were then told that we could either move over to the bar area or leave but we needed to decide immediately. After spending $1200.00 in just over 2 hours for 6 people and battling constantly for the privilege of doing so, we made the decision we should have made when we were originally told that they had no record of our reservation......we left! After walking in the rain for less then 5 minutes my cell phone rang and I was advised that there had been yet another mistake and that a one bottle minimum would be fine if we would like to come back! Inspired by the words of the immortal Mr Bob Marley...."He who fight and run away, live to fight another day" we walked as far away from the "joke and farce" as possible, until our disbelief began to ease and made our way back to our hotel lobby bar for a night cap.

If this is the way they treat guests of the owner I can only imagine what walk up guests go through!

The only thing i can say for sure about our experience is that it is absolutely one I will never forget!!

What a way to share a close friends birthday.

I will never cross their doorstep again.



place looks like a burger joint with speakers. ugly ppl , and a look of confusion on staff


Place is brutal, service is terrible, people are stuck-up. These try hard 'ballers' and fake gold diggers need to learn how to actually enjoy themselves and not do what is supposidly cool. Drop your 'cool' act and do what you feel is fun regadless of what some trendy loser thinks......

The same can be said for this establishment. Good luck but please post the following disclaimer on your front door "CAUTION: upon entering you assume responsibility for being surrounded by douchebags and money sucking women"


Can anyone tell me what the music is like at this place? House? Hip Hop?

Great place

Interesting - Hot euro blonde doorman :)

Hit and miss during the weekdays but what do you expect.

Weekends are always good.


Wowww. What can I say. I threw my birthday at bloke and it was better then I expected. Classy crowd but with best music on top of that. Everyone was really nice. The staff were really sweet with really hot owners. Bloke Tuesday bloke Thursday bloke Friday bloke Saturday BLOKE EVERYDAAAAAAAY. On the other hand CUBE NEVERRrr

a second-tier venue

I went there twice on Thursdays and would not recommend it at all...the only action going on in this place is promoters and their staff ladies making noise...small spacing...a second-tier on King

really bad

I can't believe this club is included in the top 10, it really is funny, shows how the site is willing to put any club there as long as they bribe them. This club is honestly really bad, they don't have anything going on for them, yes it's packed on saturday nights but then again the club is the size of my apartment so not hard to fill but I wish them the best of luck maybe they can improve

Once again

I come to bloke every saturday...most consistent place for good looking women...there dj kills it on sat....can't say the same for fridays...went once and didn't like the dj...but the girls were hot as per usual

Just look at the so-called "positive" responses

Just from reading the responses from the people who are mocking the negative reviewers, you can tell that only assholes go to this club (or at least only assholes come on to defend it). Before you even start to consider how the employees would treat you, do you REALLY want to party next to these douchebags??


Most Consistent

Once again...say what you want about the place.... 6 months in...sold out every night....they must be doing something right...cube is is dead...spice route is dead...cheval is dead....Bloke & 4th is the only place busy every night....

should have listened to the reviews.....

I went here last weekend, and as the reviews described the place is a joke. I arrived around 10:30, to an empty line and was told that the club is booked up blah blah blah. We waited outside as our friend the "birthday girl" had to run around negotiating with the club owner inside, and watched countless groups of girls being turned away. Regrettably, we were admitted into the club to a deserted bar, tacky decor and an awkward crowd of old pervy men. It seems as if the club is attempting to promote exclusivity but in reality is pretentious and out-classed by neighboring clubs. Prospective clientele beware, this club possesses all the quality that you try to avoid when your looking for a good time dt.

Amazing experience

Was there on saturday night....What an experience...Great food...The bartender lit the bar on fire during the transformation from dinner to nightclub...The music changed from jazzy funk to house and hip hop which was fine with me and my friends...Awesome night, will be back for sure.


I work in the financial district and often times take out clients for a night of dinner and partying in the city. I decided to try out Bloke since I had never been there. After the 5th time of calling them finally someone picked up and I was able to reserve a table. When i arrived at the door I was told that my table was still being used and that I would have to wait. It took one hour before we were seated and by the time we sat down the place was undergoing its transformation into a club. The transformation was more eventful than the night itself. Huge mess with no organization.
I will be sticking to Ki or Brassaii this place is not worthy of King St. status.
Ambiance: 3/10
Service: 1/10
Easy girls: 7/10

Unbiased Review

I had plans this past Saturday to go out with a few friends, we were planning on Muzik or Maison Mercer, however one of the friends knew some out of town friends that would be celebrating a Birthday party at Bloke with bottle service. We decided it would be easiest if we just booked bottle service at the adjacent table, and just created a large party.

Before I booked anything I read the reviews on this site and figured they were probably over-embellished, but I was still concerned.

The first red flag is whoever handles the bottle service at the club is extremely hard to get a hold of. It took me about three days of messages until someone finally picked up, and said she would have the manager call me back. I eventually booked the table, directly next to our friends. This was confirmed and the manager told me they were sold out, so they were making a special exception because we already had a table. Understandable.

We arrived at around 11, line was somewhat large outside. They said they did not have our table ready and we would have to wait. We waited for 20 minutes outside, until we told the Manager to let us in or we were leaving. He said we could wait at the bar, but the table was still not ready.

We entered, the place was not very busy. Our other friends were already there. The table beside them was completely open and looked ready to use. After about another 20 minutes they told us that they made a mistake and put us at another table instead of the one next to our friends, and they had to get it ready. Another 10 minutes passed, and the table was ready. So by the time we actually got to our table it was 12:00, 1 hour of waiting.

After that the night was pretty uneventful. Service was fine, but nothing to rave about and not on the level of some of the other clubs/lounges in the area. The place is not full of ballers or beautiful as someone below mentioned. The clientele is older. You will get men in their 40s with the majority of the girls being 28 or older.

The backstory behind our table mishap; We heard that the table next to our friends was ours, however another party came up to the manager and told him that they would buy one more bottle than us, no matter what we bought. So they bounced us to the back of the place.

Overall I was very disappointed with the club, and my impression of it was very similar to the other reviews before.

Because Bloke reads these reviews my honest advice is to rehire a proper manager of the facility. The manager made many mistakes. But for a $250 bottle he ostracized us and made sure that we will never come back. Bloke wants the reputation of having affluent customers, but they do no checks to see who they even have coming. Any affluent club will correspond through emails to see where the customers are coming from, not Bloke. Inexperience at its finest.


Hey Melissa, so just a heads up, "customer service" refers to servicing a "customer" as in, someone that's inside and involved, there is no such thing as pedestrian service

Secondly, to answer your riddle on what kind of place turns away two girls, well, its simple math really , if you, your friend and everyone else who wanted to come in, came in at 10:15, ta-da!! the venue wouldn't have room to accommodate the ppl who took the liberty of putting themselves on guest list, or booking a booth for the night. That being said, surely, a super-cluber-industry-wizard like yourself should have put that one together, thanks

Birthday Party


So I am reading mixed reviews on this lounge and would like it if I could receive a few opinions on whether or not I should celebrate my 21st birthday there in May.

My birthday falls on a Wednesday so celebrating Tuesday night at a club/lounge would be ideal :)

If anyone knows other venues open on Tuesday nights, please reply above and let me know!

Thank you!

Wake up

Its funny reading the reviews on this site...I'm a regular at bloke...there's a reason its sold out every night with smoking hot girls and ballers....hate it or love it...write your crappy reviews...doesn't change the fact its number 1 in toronto right new venue in the city has been as busy as bloke night after night...get over it and stop hating people..bloke is here to stay weather you like it or not...

Doesn't have much working for it

I can't judge the food there since i've only been there twice to party on a sat night, and the 2nd time being against my will, I've noticed that this club is too small and simple to be a high end king west nightclub/lounge yet too pricey to be in the average richmond club category, even though it provides similar service and ambiance as the cheap ones

Best night club in the city

My co workers and I work around the corner and checked it out on thursday.. No problem getting in. I was told saturdays are crazy so I thought we would try it out on a thursday...Oh my... So many hot girls... We met the manager and he got us back in on saturday...Even more hot girls then thursday...The drinks are pricey but the same as anywhere else...The dj on saturday was better then the one on thursday....good work bloke and 4th..coming back thursday..

What a Joke!

A friend and I decided to check out Bloke this past weekend. We got there fairly early (10:15) as we wanted to avoid a rush of people anticipated to show up at a later time. When we got there, no one was waiting in line to get in. The bouncers at the front pretty much told us that the only people who can get in are people with bottle service or people who are on the guest list. What kind of customer service is this? Both my friend and I were well dressed, and needless to say worked in the club industry for quite a long time. All we wanted to do was go in to have a few drinks and check out the venue. I can understand this being an issue if it was extremely busy but there was not one person standing there, trying to get in. What kind of place turns away two girls? It was very disappointing to say the least. I found the people outside to be very unprofessional and rude.

We then met up with some other people at another club, located fairly close to Bloke & 4th Lounge, not having any issues getting in to that place. The friends we met up with then decided they wanted to check out Bloke & 4th. My friend and I were hesitant due to what had previously happened. Nevertheless, we accompanied our male friends and decided to try again. This time, we were able to get in because our friends new some people there. So I guess it’s all about who you know. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me.

The lounge itself is nothing special. They pack the place up with way too many people, to a point where you can barely walk. No place to dance and expensive drinks! Definitely not a place I would recommend!

Very Good

In the Asian culture, the number 'four' is not lucky but I took my chances to eat at Bloke and 4th and it was well worth the risk. This resto lounge opened recently in the King and Spadina space that was formerly mBurger and is more of a club during the nights but with the guys from the Food Dudes catering services in the kitchen, the food was fresh, innovative and delicious.

Here the number 4 is the name of the game. Most of the 'sharing appetizers' are portioned in fours and even the drink cocktail has the drink du jour which is lucky number 4.

The menu is all about their social appetizers which are their sharing plates and mains. Our selections included their charcuterie board which included the house-cured duck prosciutto and maple bacon and balsamic gelee (which is packs a really intense flavour wow!) and a round of dirty martinis that have jalepeno stuffed olives which i am now addicted to. They are so great - salty and spicy! I needed to order more olives just to munch on.

Then came the smoked squash soup which we ordered on the recommendation of house manager. They came in small shot glasses with house made pakoras on top. They were so comforting for our winter weather! Well executed and would recommend this dish to anybody!

We also ordered the set of chicken drumettes which came with a tub of liquid nitrogen that gets poured over the blue cheese causing them to freeze into blue cheese sprinkles. It was a bold hit of flavour!

We try the main yellow fin tuna dish that came with fried calamari rings over a Bangkok slaw of fresh slivers of veggies tossed in a citrus sesame slaw. This was a huge hit with the table and we are thankful that we were able to try this. The mixes of flavours and textures were so delicious.

At this point - we decided to order the 'Number 4' specialty drink. This drink was light with gin and cucumber ice cubes, creamy from frothed eggs whites with a hint of a flash frozen serrano pepper which gave the drink some heat!

We then tried our final 'sharing plate' - the tuna tartar served as ice cream scoops in seaweed sugar cones as which was my favourite dish of the evening. It was light and delicate with a sweetness from the sugar cones.

We are so stuffed at this point but are convinced (no arm twisting involved) to try their ice cream cone of the day which is chocolate chip lavender served with strawberries. This was such an impressive flavour because it is so subtle similar to the way green tea ice cream starts but has a really delicate and fragrant after taste. Yum!

By the time dinner was done, the club scene was starting to form. What a kicking night it was!

Drastic improvement

I haven't been here since late december....what an improvement...we came in for a prix fixe dinner for my friend anne's birthday..20 of us went for the social app experience...the food was I have had in Toronto since I moved from New York.. the transition to the night club last night was so much smoother then before...a lot of people are after these guys but they keep on improving and getting better...good work bloke and 4th....

Add it to the list

I work in finance and went down for dinner and drinks last thursday and had a great time.. I usually go to Ki or Blowfish but my buddy suggested this place.. The food and the club vibes were spot on... Its not a life changing night club but its another great spot on the strip... Some peoples comments are crazy on this site about this place..There's hot girls everywhere and all the staff were smiling.. What more do you want? I will be back personally.

give it a year tops.

I have read the past comments, and although there are some fake 'bad' reviews from people that prob didn't even get in, and clearly a lot of fake 'good' reviews from promoters, owners and so on... I would have to still agree with a lot of the negative ones, regardless if the complaint sounds stupid just look at the big picture and you'l realize there's a lot wrong with the service as a whole and other factors of the club clearly don't make up for it in any way, and for Chris from few posts under, I would like to let you know that the only people that will get a rude awakening are the owners when they see an empty lounge on a saturday night my man and please don't compare this club to other well established ones in this city or anywhere else for that matter.

Great time

Had an amazing dinner and great club vibes last night...keep rocking guys..there will always be haters....

Horrinble...Big Fat 0! Never Again!

I find it VERY unprofessional and rude when the people outside the club (so called bouncers and idiot promoters and Canada Goose prick) deny you access when you give them your name and explain to them that you booked 2 weeks ago and all they can say to you is "no we don't know who you are and your not getting in" and continue to ignore you. They played a stupid game with me and my guestlist of 20! Then they continued to pin point how our clothing wasn't "appropriate" for the place. Was it cause you couldn't see enough ass or leg?? Hmmmm. Karma is gonna come around!

I highly DON'T recommend this place.

CROWN LOUNGE was right next door and a fantastic experience!!! No problems or questions asked whatsoever.

If this message is going to be erased by the Persian that owns Bloke, rest assured, I will re-write my review.


So this is my first time using club crawlers .I came on here to pay compliments to bloke & 4. My fiancé  and I had an absolutely incredible meal there last friday.. to die for. We decided to have our friends meet is there later on and i asked our server nicely if they can help get some
Friends in and they said they would do their best which they did ! Even though the lineup outside was huge.  we had such an amazing time.
I can't help But notice some
Of the negative comments on here.

However , on This website the top 10 clubs listed on here are ... Mansion? Crown?... Club V?.... Are you kidding me?? Yeah, maybe if you're going to an all ages.

That's not the clientele that bloke&4th is looking for. It was classy without being pretentious . 

I don't know, but i just had to leave an honest comment and say that this place had some Of the greatest food and best vibes in the city . 

Thanks ! 


I cant help but laugh at some of these posts - like really, "they" stole your coat?? Or an individual who perhaps drank too much took your coat mistakingly thinking it was his/hers? Maybe thats why they say coat check is mandatory at the top of the stairs when you first walk in, to avoid banter like this...

Ive been to Bloke a few times since its opened particularly on a thurs and sat night...I totally understand the frustration of some people, but what do you expect when on a sat night there is 200 people waiting outside in the front of the club trying to get in?

this city is filled with people that think they're above everyone and think they should be treated like a celebrity or something - i heard people complaining one night about how they were waiting for 15 min.. WOWWWW 15 min, thats crazy isnt about when Muzik first opened its doors, that place was like fort knox..

clearly the "so-called" club goers know all about the industry and think 15 min is an eternity...

if you've ever partied outside this t.o bubble, then you would know dont walk up to any clubs door and say you're on glist and expect to walk right in...2.sometimes the way you look/dress does in fact affect your chances getting in (harsh reality) 3. waiting in line for 15 min because there is 500 people trying to get in, well guess what, another reality and last but not least 4. sometimes its just who you know!!!!

I can go on and on, the point is, why do people feel the need to come on a website and hate on a club just because they "cant get in" if you didnt enjoy ur stay then dont go back...if you lost your coat, do coat check...if the bouncer was rude to you, understand hes gotta deal with 1000 of "you" a night ...

Just my thoughts - but to say one last thing, i think Bloke & 4th brings another element to t.o, just like Century did when it first opened, Maison still does bringing in the DJ's...if you think or thought that the bouncers are dicks and rude at Bloke, well you're all in for a rude awakening if you plan on partying in New York, Miami, Chicago, any high class venue in europe for that matter!!!

Never go here

Just thought I'd come on here again to remind everyone not to go here. Been clubbing in Toronto 10 years and have been a promoter for five, and I honestly hate this place. Worst launch I ever experienced. Worst management team, bad DJ, unorganized, unable to flip from dinner to club, and basically all around terrible planning and customer service. AVOID if you want to have a relaxed, fun evening out. And definitely avoid this place if you are planning a birthday or other special occasion, because they will drop the ball from every aspect. The staff are simply unprepared to run a lounge on King, an area where people expect top quality. Avoid.


My girlfriends had a group dinner reservation scheduled for tomorrow evening, Upon reading these reviews I plan to cancel. Stolen coats, rude doormen and poor service is not my cup of tea.


They stole me and my friends coat here. The bouncer told me that at least one person coat get stolen every week! Don't GO to this club!

The Truth

I'm not one to pay compliments where compliments are not due. I will also come out and say the one of the owners is an old childhood friend of mine. That being said, I don't pull punches, and if I had something negative to say, I'd be on here saying it, as well as to his face.

I went to Bloke last night after having dinner elsewhere... Got to the front door around 11:30, where there was a massive line, which shouldn't be a surprise for a hot new club on King West. That being said, the bouncers were NOT rude to me, they were your standard curt bouncers, but they asked me my name, checked the list and walked me right into the club. They were also being frank with everyone in line and said repeatedly... We are at capacity and only people on list will make it in tonight.

Once inside, the place was rammed, so not sure about all the people complaining they were treated poorly, waited in a long line and then got into an empty club.

The experience inside was like a majority of the spots on King West... Decent music (but I'm not a very big fan of club house and radio hiphop, so I'm likely not a good judge for what MOST club goers expect from music). The crowd seemed to love the tunes and were going off in the place.

People who say the crowd is not very nice to look at, also a bunch of garbage as the people there seemed pretty attractive to me.

Those who complain about lousy barstaff, are also full of BS as every time we went to the bar the staff were quick and total sweethearts to be and my date.

All in all this seems to be another solid new King West bar.

To those who know me, they know I wouldn't write this review if I didn't mean it. So I really think a majority of the poor reviews on here have just been people who aren't really cut out for the King West Scene.. Which is snooty, pretentious and a bit puffed up... But thats to be expected, so if you don't like it, hit up College, Queen West, or Ossington(I find myself up in those areas more often than King West).

That is all...

worst club ever

First off notice how all the positive reviews claim that they got free bottles, coincidence? but on another note, let's be real the owners know what their club is worth and know that regardless what they do, this small shitty club is going to die out soon enough just like every other club in the city with shitty customer service and below average club atmosphere so all they can do is ride the wave and try to suck out as much money as they can from customers knowing that non of them are ever coming back regardless.

Great experience

I had my friends engagement party on thursday night and it was incredible...they started us out with complimentary drinks which were fantastic..some sort of mojito shot...the food was amazing and they even comp'd one of our bottles because of how much we had spent all night...cudos to the service at bloke and 4th...all around great time


I was there the other night and forgot my coat (which had my phone in it) , went back 20 mins later to grab it. The so called men at the door wouldn't let me go back in to grab my coat and insisted I was too drunk. Needless to say I never got my coat back, nor my phone. The people that work there are crooks! Just wait until the cops are showing up at your venue to investigate. Its even upsetting that I have to give this place one star.... should be -5 stars. Crap service never go here.... unless you want your stuff stolen.

bday dinner and party

I was at bloke for a gf's bday last saturday..the food and atmosphere was amazing...i heard mix reviews about the transition on saturdays but a friend that had his second experience there with me said it was much smoother then his first experience...we all agreed there is not a place you can go in the city that serves really good food that turns in to a hot night club...the girls were amazing too...the dj murdered it all night long...great time and I will be back for sure...

Wouldn't go back

I went here for my best friends birthday we did the dinner and booth with more than 6 bottles. Enough to say that we made Bloke some money. We had dinner reservations for 20 people in which all ate or drank. The dinner experience was okay but there is a lag when they are cleaning up the tables inbetween to set up the club and it takes way too long and it gets really messy. We finally got our booth which by the way is tiny enough for 3 people to sit, with other booths right beside you. This wasnt as bad as the rest of the night. We decided to go for a cigarette and the front door said it is in the back so we walked to the back and the guy standing infront of the "patio" said that its at the front, we went on back on forth 4 times until the bounces from the front door took us to the back. Very disorginized. The smoking patio looks terrible but the good thing is that there is a heater. The bottle service girl was taking shots on our table which I found really unprofessional, tell your staff not to drink on the job it looks sloppy. There's nothing classy about that. The server at dinner was nice and polite. It was my friend's birthday and they did not even give her a complimentary cake. Trust me we spent enough money it shouldn't have been an issue. The music was okay, got better during the night. The whole night was hardly enjoyable by the disorganization. at 2 am right after we got our last bottle the busboy took my drink that was full and threw it out as well as many other drinks on our table. I found this really rude because we spent a lot of money on bottles and they should ask before throwing them out. At 2 am you really feel the rush for the staff to get you out, they begin like a swarm of bees working their way around the club cleaning everything up before you have even left. I went to the bar and spoke to a manager he said that theres nothin he can do now but gave me free drink tickets for when I return next time. thanks, but no thanks. I will not be returning to this club. There is definately way better places to go to in Toronto, try Muzik for a classier club thats always visited by celebrities

Fantastic Experience

This is definitely one of the best supper clubs in the city. Atmosphere, service, crowd and particularly the food are all stand-outs. We held a good friend’s birthday here recently on a Friday and they took amazing care of us – the chef even came out to say hello. It was the only place who accommodated us on short notice for a group of over 20. Several of our guests kept commenting that the food was the best they’d ever had as each mouth-watering course was delivered to the table by the friendly staff. And when we transitioned from food to dancing the DJ got the ladies going all night. Highly recommended, they made us look like Rock Stars to our guests and we’ll definitely be going back again.

Great time

Last night i was at Bloke for the first time...we had 6 bottles and the service staff were very respectful...they even comp'd one cause it was my friends the place and the on the strip by far

Not worth it

went there on a friday for a friend's birthday, had a booth with a bottle service and ended up getting 4 bottles, I can't say anything went horribly wrong but for the price of the whole thing you'd expect so much better, ur better off spending that kind of money at a club that's at least semi-worthy. It's extremely small and doesn't look like a high end club-lounge, service is below average, and although we had a table we had to wait for about 10 minutes outside in the cold. Just not worth it whatsoever, the worst out of all the king west bunch

Good Time

wow... lot of back and fourth on this site...To me its another place to go on a saturday night...Its not life changing but its fun..My friends and I have been back twice and had a really good time...both nights were slammed with really good hip hop..i will support this place

are you looking to party or stand around?

The DJ is ok for the most part but 90% of the people here just stand around. That is the kind of crowd that goes to this place. This is not a real party place and definitely not the place where you would want to get bottle service and have your own little space. It is just too packed for that. The girls are ok, likely because the place is new, but nothing to be impressed of, especially once you see them in the outside section at the back, there is hotter crowd in Toronto but not going to advertise for anyone here. Just like the previous poster says, huge lack of upscale crowd, not much "class" to this place. Bottom line is, if you are looking for something upscale go elsewhere, if you are looking for bottle service for a party go elsewhere..., if you are just looking for the average club atmosphere its ok, but i wouldn't waste my time here again.


Hey George so what is your position at bloke??? Doorman? Part owner??? Or just some jerk they pay to write fake good reviews and call truthful reviews lies!! This is such a joke!!! I'm guessing you are also the one who deleted my Facebook post as well!

These reviews are ridiculous

WOW this guy giving the review a couple under me can he contradict himself even more? They make a line just so it makes it look busy? But he gets in and it is actually busy, and coat check is full. Before you don't plan your night correctly when you are going to a very popular place maybe you should write bad reviews. I had a great time there. The place is busy what do you want everyone gets in? For anyone that wants to go there I recommend it. Great time. Just be smart and pre plan because it's very busy place.


I'm sadly disappointed by this establishment. I read all of these reviews and decided to check it out anyway. The venue is great, however I didn't encounter one staff member that was kind. The doormen outside have a serious attitude problem - especially the jerk in the bright green touque - who needs to retire, I'm pretty sure at 40 you should give it up and find a real job. Or is running the door at a nightclub the only power you're able to bestow upon the rest of us commoners? I definitely won't be going back

never again, especially if you like upscale places

just a couple of points

- shady doormen, we were a group of 4 lawyer couples, they just make you wait outside to make it look like there is a line, but don't actually let anyone in (we weren't in that line, dont bother standing in it, we just stood by the security). ps, any real upscale club would never do it, this is something that is done by very average try hard places.

- many of the women at the club are employed by the club, a lot of industry people, not "real" crowd that is out to party
- not many young professionals, mostly average crowd at best

- can't have a normal conversation, the music is way too loud

- the waitress handing the bottles will burn your sweatshirt (its too packed, there is no where to move, the light up those sparks and they just fall on everyone)

- coat check full? hold your jacket in your hands for the rest of the night???? seriously?

- do yourself a favour if you are a young professional looking for an upscale place to party for the night, pick another place.


As a new business I would expect better service at the front door! I attempted to come to your establishment tonight with a group that purchased 2 bottles and VIP. What happened when we got there was absolutely uncalled for. Because our party was 5 people over the accepted limit we got cut off from our group. One girl who attended by herself and was desperate to get in to her friend was told that she would get in if the rest of us “FUCKED off” and left the line, keep in mind that we are group of well dressed mature and sober people not causing a fuss or scene and this is how we were spoken to! This isn’t about money or VIP service if the door man had been human enough to at least compromise with us we would have purchased an extra bottle for our party! Instead we were completely disrespected!  Thanks for a waste of a night

February 5, 2012 at 1:43 am | by Jrex

media launch

Wow! The food is amazing. The venue is different and exactly what king st needs. My girlfriend and I had a fantastic time at the media launch and stayed and mingled with the night club crowd after. Great times. Will be back for sure.

Saturday Night

I had a dinner for my girlfriend on saturday night. It was her 28th bday... Dinner and bottle service.. The evening started out with tar tare cones, flatbreads, brisket sliders, bbq pork sticky buns and chicken drumettes. All were to die for!! We had the charred striploin and scallop with oxtail risotto and my friends and girlfriend were speechless. One of the best meals in a long time. We had a smooth transition to our bottle service table and it was a fun night! Thanks a lot for a great night Bloke and 4th staff!!


Went for a birthday dinner this past wknd with few of other girlfriends. Overall a blah experience. Not impressed and not worth the hype or money.

Positives: Cool atmosphere, cool bartender tricks to watch for entertainment. Nice server. Music was pretty good later in the evening, although the crowd was questionable. Not sure when towels, hats, and runners became the norm for "up scale" lounges in Toronto??

Negatives: Server got our order wrong, food came out at different times, none of the food runners knew who ordered what. Not professional, especially for this type of place. The food was not that great, and not worth the hype or price.

Manger came over and rushed us out of our table and had us pay on the dance floor to seat a bottle service reso that was coming in. Understandable, but I think 5 more minutes wouldn't have hurt to at least pay the bill (that was not corrected from the wrong order placed). We didn't bother complaning. Granted, he gave us free drink tickets good for a bar rail drink, but who cares really.

Overall I'd give it a 6 out of 10 and not reccomend to my friends or family.

This Saturday

My girlfriend made reservations this past Saturday for her birthday at Bloke and 4th. Before going I had read the reviews on this site and was a little nervous for her sake. To my surprise we had one of the best birthdays ever. When we arrived they had prepared a specialty cocktail just for our group, it was so delicious. The food was amazing, I particularly loved the smoked squash soup. Our server was courteous, professional and friendly. Everyone who came to the table to serve us wished the birthday girl a happy birthday, it was a really nice touch. We stayed afterwards and had a great time partying all night long.

I would like to thank Bloke and 4th for an amazing experience, keep up the good work. There will always be kinks to work out in a new place and days where you just can't please everyone. I truly believe you will succeed in the long run. Good Luck, I will be back.

- Sara


Sorry that should be 4 1/2 stars ( not 2)


Hi to all reading -
I went to bloke and 4th Thursday evening and I must say I'm not sure what all these angry comments are about. My girlfriends and I went after work and despite there being a private party closing the lounge and dinner service being fully reserved, the manager himself seated us in a closed booth and was also our server. We had great food and great service. To the point that I will probably host my next event here as well. they were very conscious of some negative reviews on sites like this and are doing their best in person to rectify any negative experiences. This was my first time there and likely not my last.


Victoria: I posted a review following my experience at Bloke. I had the same negative experience as everyone here and 9 times out of 10 you can take what people say at face value. You shouldn't assume there is a conspiracy at Bloke simply because there are so many negative reviews.
The club actually incited this much anger.
But I suppose the fact that you had to ask means the staff who posted on here did their job in discrediting us.
I'm baffled that you saw a couple of posters who openly affiliated themselves with the club by their use of the term "we" accuse us of being from Maison and believed it.
I can only warn you again that these gripes are legitimate...especially the ones about the customer service.

Don't risk it

To Victoria,

Avoid this place. None of the negative reviews come from Maison.

Are there any real reviews from the general public?

Wow. I am just a regular girl looking for some reviews so I can host a birthday party there tonight but after reading these reviews I don't know I want to.

I've heard mixed reviews. My boyfriend said the music was good but he's never had dinner there or had any trouble getting in. I am reluctant to drag 12 girls out there if we are going to have a hard time getting in my guests, or if the DJ isn't that good.

I like giving everyone a chance so can anyone (other than staff, management and Maison people) give some real reviews, recommendations, feedback?



Despite being a writer by profession, I've never actually written a review about a restaurant or club before. After my visit to Bloke on Sat, Jan. 21, I felt compelled to echo some of the sentiments expressed here by others.

The night was to be a celebration for my best friend's birthday that would include dinner/clubbing at the Bloke. Things weren't looking good when the table she reserved was slashed from 15 to 10 without cause just hours prior to our meeting time. The guestlist she had arranged for guests coming after dinner was eliminated completely, again, with no cause or explanation as to why.

As a result, some guests opted to not come to dinner with the concern that seating would be an issue.

The front doormen, the hostesses and coat check girl were all courteous and friendly when I got there, so no complaints there. Our waitress for dinner was pleasant, cordial, professional and patient. Service was definitely commendable on her part. The food was good, but not what I would call true gourmet, and certainly not worth the menu prices.

But once dinner was winding down, the scenery changed dramatically.

For some bizarre reason, our guests weren't allowed in, even though there was virtually no lineup and the place was three-quarters empty. It got worse when one of the doormen said, "If you thought it was important enough to be here for your friend, you would've come for the dinner part and gotten in."

Excuse me?? Not only is the comment audacious, but it smacks of the kind of unprofessional conduct one would find at some hole in the wall — not a new "hot spot" looking to carve out a "posh" reputation.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the bottle service waitresses, attractive though they were, strolled around with permanent scowls on their faces. Their body language was so unbecoming, you almost got the sense they were working against their will at some sweatshop.

The DJ was absolutely atrocious — one of the worst I've ever heard. His choice in music was abysmal at worst and misguided at best.

Kudos to the bartender with the ponytail who served me, despite getting some lip from two girls standing next to me. He was professional and made sure he got my order right twice.

As the nonsense continued to ensue inside, it almost seemed like the vibe from the staff and the place itself permeated to the point where patrons were being affected too. Some were pushy, abrasive and generally stupid in the way they were acting. For a place meant for young professionals, there were people in there that night that acted like they needed a pacifier and a bib around their necks.

But it was the staff's outright disregard for proper customer service that ultimately warrants my review here. For a place that professes to offer so much to such a particular class of people, it failed utterly and miserably in doing so. Whether this is the fault of ownership or the management on-site, or both, someone has to take accountability for the train wreck that I saw on Saturday.

A journey of a thousand miles..

Thank you for coming on here in a legitimate capacity to apologize, and for showing some humility.

I want you to know I take no pleasure in any of this, but the way I was treated generated this visceral reaction and I felt obligated to write the review.

It's sad that some of the other posters would honestly believe we are trying to sandbag you or sabotage you because we work for another a club. Quite the opposite, I was very excited to check out the "newest hot spot" and subsequently booked my sister's birthday there.

Finally, I'm not in the business of getting people fired, but if you want to look at where your customer service needs improvement, you might want to check the attitudes of some of vthese fake posters. If they are affiliated with you in any way, I promise you their actions on here are a reflection of how they will represent you all the time.

Good luck, you're going to need it.

Apologies from Bloke & 4th

We apologize to all guests who had a less than positive experience at Bloke&4th last Saturday. We value all feedback from our guests and are taking the experiences posted here very seriously. These are all important learnings and we are taking steps to resolve these concerns. In order to demonstrate our attention to your concerns, please contact us directly so that we can invite you back for a drink on us.


Just for the record I don't fall into any of those categories "TBD".
I was with tons of sexy girls and guys. We spent tons of money, everyone got in and we have been to significantly posher places then Bloke.
Also "posh" signifies a certain level of class and esteemed service and clientele.
Your clubs service was shit and it was full of douchebags like you who writes ignorant shit like what you wrote below. The exact opposite of posh.
Learn to take constructive criticism and maybe your club will survive.
Also to "weezy baby long hair dont currrr "...i don't know what club you have issues with but deluding yourself into thinking your club is being targeted because it's TOO GOOD is the reason you guys will get shut down.
Also..LEARN TO SPELL. How come no Bloke supporters can spell?
Maybe because...they are all the same person...or just dumb?
None of your posts have any real content. You sound ridiculous and it's totally counter productive to your cause.
You should spend more time fixing the issues with your club and less time on here fighting a losing battle.

so oubvious

It is so oubvious WHO is posting negative comments and WHAT club they come from.
LOL its so laughable... i love how bloke is getting under their skin sooo much.
Do us a favor and keep on haiting because it only brings more attention to us !! Jiggy mannn!!! wooohooo :)

hi hater hi hater hi hater...

we will not be destroyed muhahahahahah lmfao

Get over it!

Let's be real. Everyone who posted negatively on this site is hating because of the following reasons:
a) he/she wasn't able to get in
b) didn't understand the concept of the scene due their innocence in the 'posher' environments
c) didn't have enough $$ to spend
d) didn't realize only sexy people are allowed in


Place of shame... line was a mess! HEard bouncer tell someone they are a lowlife. Then inside more lines and DJ sucked. Some of my friends did not even make it in :( Never go again.

Bloke Choked

Only reason this place has a buzz
1) New. So people are curious to check it out.
2) Owners & affiliates bring out their stuffy, lame, but
loyal friends and display them as if it was the party
itself that won them over. Nice try.
3) Good advertising

What's really going on
1) Staff are scums in suits who think it's classy to
lecture and belittle customers
2) Bad music
3) Dysfunctional service

Conclusion: Buzz Kill and no clue what they are doing!
Any place would be better than this, Brant, Maison, Devils... a graveyard...

My friends and I came here to celebrate a friend's 27th birthday and there was so much disrespect directed at everyone (us and at the overall crowd). Coat check line was ridiculous and people were sitting in the middle of the dance floor! Our experience outside and inside the venue left a terrible taste.

Would I recommend it? No.
Better to avoid this place, and instead support a real party, with real ethics intact.


Hahahahahah "young bloke."
Way to discredit these postive reviews even more.
You think this is coordinated effort by maison to bring down Bloke because they feel threatened?
You are just another dumb staff member/friend who came on to give 5 stars and said NOTHING of substance.
Maison is only mentioned because one of your other cohorts said "go back to maison or tryst to listen to TRANS."
Also it is close so it was a logical place to go when people realized Bloke SUCKS.

young bloke

maison feels threatened by bloke :P

boo hoo cry me a river

get over it, there will be new hot spots opening up always in Toronto.

Dont get your undies tied up in a knot


Also Poor Posting Performance

To help you out for your next fake posts...
Allison and Jessica your reviews are a little too comprehensive to be convincing.

Not Haters, Realists...

I, too, have never been inclined to write a review before. Never cared enough to. Clearly the operations and execution at Bloke are laughable, but it's how they treated and dealt with people that struck this reactive chord. It ignited me to action... to inform others the Truth.

Never have I, nor my friends, witnessed the depth of inexperience, tactless behaviour and poor business sense like that in a nightlife environment... ever. Disgraceful. Distasteful. Absolutely appalling!

Throwing around the word "hater" as a rebuttal only weakens your position. If you want to debate, increase your skills in reading comprehension (so you accurately grasp the content), and then counter my points.

Style and Marketing is a lure.
But without substance, one is not Real.
And not worth being tolerated.

Bloke needs to understand the fundamentals of human decency, customer service, nightlife industry, and how to run a business (operations, staff training, organization).

Poor Kleen Media, they gotta clean up this massacre-of-a-mess. And Bloke is a liability for them.
But I do suggest you learn from Kleen Media...
And from these truthfully horrendous experiences you delivered. (Ruining people's birthdays, betraying high paying clients, and all those who were willing to give you a try... ) And not being honest with people about your capacity, and letting them stand outside endlessly in negative degree weather. Not cool. NOT SWANK.

It will take a hell of a lot more than hiring hot people and posting their pictures to demonstrate you are a vibing place.

Get rid of that Front.
Get rid of your ego.
Get learning... and above all...
Take responsibility!!!

Going deeper down the well towards failure.

You know what's great about these review sites? You can't delete what the majority are saying, and can only try and fight a PR battle after the fact.

Bloke should recognize that it was not the line that annoyed people, it was the staff and total lack of organization. Granted, they were probably unprepared to deal with that kind of frenzy, but that does not excuse how they handled the situation. And honestly, if you use a third party to promote your place, maybe give them a capacity limit for guest list, and not double book it like amateurs.

This is how we separate the contenders from the pretenders when a new place opens. I know Bloke are reading these reviews because they contacted us and tried to offer us free dinner (obviously they know they effed up large). So on the phone or by email you will admit wrongdoing, but on a public review site you will flood it with fake reviews to try and save face?! Just another reason why you should avoid this terribly run establishment. I am sure the food is good, but they can't even flip service from food to lounge in less than two hours so have fun with that if you show up during prime time Thursday-Saturday.

Someone from Bloke should come on here, identify themselves and apologize. Just state that they were overwhelmed and didn't handle the situation adequately. Haven't you learned how to genuinely apologize? You ruined like 500 people's nights on the coldest day of the year. While many will never forget it, a lot of people will forgive you if you take them seriously. But, again you fail. Nice work.

Bunch of pretentious high class wana be, get over yourselves!

Anybody that would think that this place is awesome is definitely birds of the same feathers as the ppl that works there.


Clearly none of the people who are writing positive reviews are really reading the other ones.

ALMOST ALL the people who wrote negative reviews got IN. They aren't writing out of bitterness because they were EXCLUDED.
I realize you are all blindly posting positive reviews (on the same day) to help the place save face but try reading the negative ones.
Making snarky comments about these people not getting in (which are immediately discredited when someone reads the other reviews) just makes you lose even more credibility.

Chris M...I don't know what "trans" is but I would def rather listen to it at Maison then anything at Bloke.

Step up

This place annoyed so many people that they felt an obligation to write a review. Please take into consideration the hundreds of other people who can not be bothered to write a review because they are not willing to waste another moment of there life on this place. The proof is always in the first review.

These customers are not haters, just disappointed and let down. If you read the reviews you can see the majority of these people got in, some even quickly. This being said, still they continued to make a wise decision and leave. I personally wish I had made the same intelligent decisions to choose somewhere else to enjoy my Saturday. It was a waste of my weekend. I was idiotic to think the night would progress positively.

It’s dishonest to discredit these individuals, this was there experience let it be heard. The staff and management should take this as a warning and lean form there huge mistakes.

DO NOT TRY TO SAVE FACE BY LIEING TO THE PUBLIC!!! Step up to the plate and apologize for letting you consumers down.

Great experience

Wow! Its really funny reading these reviews. I have been to Bloke three times during the "soft opening" stage. All three were positive, sure it wasn't perfect but lets get real, which new place is? The food is better then any supper club on the strip hands down! The staff are gorgeous and the music is amazing. The people that give it a 1 out of 5 are clearly haters. Its soft openings ladies and gentleman and early days!! The management have already worked out so many issues and will continue too. Quick question, if the place is the worst out of the worst.... why is there 800 people trying to get in? Lets face it, its an exclusive place that only lets in the whose who! The rest can go to maision and tryst and listen to trans!

Had fun

My girlfriend and I met some friends at Bloke on the weekend. We all had a good time. The place was really rammed but we stood near the bar and found we were out of the way of the busy crowd. It could have been faster service at the bar, maybe next time we'll try bottle service.

Cool Place

I've been to Bloke&4th a few times since it opened in December. I keep coming back because its different than other King St. places. The vibe is upscale but not pretentous, the staff friendly and good looking.
I reccomend getting on the guest list, like any other popular place in Toronto.
Its a great place to go for a late dinner then stay for dancing and drinks.
Five stars.

out of 11 reviews 2 are from staff

you can always tell when staff or promoters are trying to save a club. out of 11 reviews 9 of them are true about how bad the service and everything else about the place failed, and then two are 5 star i don't what everyone is talking about it was the time ever. People will listen to the masses and there are saying they did a piss poor job and need to rethink there clubs intern workings

Great New Spot on King Street

Last Saturday I went to Bloke&4th with a group of girlfriends. We showed up around 11pm and had no trouble getting in. There was a lineup, but it moved quickly and the bouncer was friendly and even said he would make sure we wouldn’t stand in the cold for too long. The music was fantastic, the crowd was classy, and a great selection of cocktails. The bartenders and bottle servers were friendly and served us quickly, even though it was super busy.
This wasn't the first time I had been to Bloke&4th. My first visit was for a friend’s birthday dinner. The food was TO DIE FOR! Unique, with lots of options. I liked how everything was served on platters so we could share amongst the group. Cool idea.
I would definitely go back to Bloke&4th. Great vibe, friendly staff and yummy food!


Bloke and 4th....WOW..SOO FUN.Now I got to admit this place was rammed beyond belief. I know a place is good when is it completely pack at 11:45. I understand people's frustration when not getting in,....but to bad for them! I got in and loved it. Hot music....AMAZING food. I went for dinner on Friday night and have never had such delicious food. The flavour and presentation were like nothing I had ever seen before. After dinner....we went for a smoke and when we returned it was packed. A new place like this will always have people talking...good and bad...but trust me Bloke and 4th will remain a hot spot. I will be returning for dinner next weekend and I hope to have half the amounf of fun as I did this past Friday.

Epic Fail

A massive fail on multiple levels, a night I would like permanently erased from my memory.

I am giving this venue and the staff the gold for the most disgraceful customer service ever. I can say without a doubt in my mind, it was the worst clubbing experience of all time. This is not a joke or an exaggeration. It was traumatic I will be having flash backs of January 14th for a long time.

When you destroy a special night for someone and provide terrible service, how do you justify auto-grating their bill?
Who ever is running this show should retire from the nightlife industry forever. I only wish you negative energy moving forward. This place is an embarrassment to the city of Toronto and I hope it dies a slow and painful death.

This place is a joke

I was compelled to write something when I saw Christine's patronizing review.

"I was there on Saturday and i even had to wait in line, but when a club is busy there will be line ups. if you wanna go to club without anyone there be my guest, this club is clearly not for you. "

Everyone who has reviewed has been to busy clubs with line ups and had a great time including me.
Perhaps Christine is not aware that that the capacity is around 460 people and the club overbooked their guestlist by 500+ over capacity.
They then proceeded to tell all those people that "guestlist would no longer be honoured" and once the club was at capacity no one was getting in. So NO even if you were perfectly nice and didn't swear, you probably weren't getting in after a certain point because this "hot spot" doesn't have enough sense to tell those additional 500+ people they were fully booked allowing them to plan their nights at a different venue.

Unfortunately, I DID get in and the nightmare continued inside. I had two booths and had to wait till almost 1 am to be seated because people in the restaurant area were still sitting there chatting in the middle of the 'dance floor.'
Meanwhile, two empty booths elsewhere were being held for another party buying 8 bottles as opposed to our 6. The ridiculous part is by 1 am NO ONE else was getting in so the booths were held for no reason while we stood around.
The staff was rude and unapologetic about the whole thing and the service was terrible.


I normally never write reviews – good or bad – but this is the first time I’ve ever felt strongly enough to do so. So congrats on that. By far the worst, most hectic and stressful “opening” night I’ve ever been to. First off, the guy at the door didn’t know what he was doing and the bouncer had to tell him how to work the guest list. Second, why advertise a $15 cover and then charge $20 and say “oh yeah I don’t know why you were told that”. Are you for real? We were on the “vip” guest list and only got 1 comp for a group of 3 girls. Once inside, had to wait in what could only be described as a cattle call of a line up, everyone shoving and pushing trying to get past you. Then wait in the longest, most disorganized coat check line ever. I’m sorry, but since when do you not have to wait in line to get your jacket, and get the right to just bypass everyone else to pick it up. Apparently that’s how things work there. If that wasn’t bad enough, the 2 girls who work there clearly thought that the entire thing was a joke because they couldn’t even figure out how to do their job. Now I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be condescending, but how difficult is it to match 2 tags to each other? I counted, the girl gave one guy the wrong jacket 7 times. 7 TIMES!! And then started asking what does it look like. Are you effing kidding me?! Then when I finally got up to her, she tells me there’s no more room in coat check. I almost lost my shit, but remained calm enough to inquire about the one she just freed up. So finally after spending 30 min of my life I will never get back being irritated, getting frustrated and angry I was able to get in. By this point, this whole experience left me so vexed that I couldn’t enjoy the overpriced drinks and rude and pushy high on themselves idiots pushing and shoving past me. At least the music was good.

Food is NOT good and its hardly a club... M Burger with LED LIGHTS.. AWFUL

OMG... worst service and atmosphere. I sat in the front booth and there was a wall in front of me, couldn't even see the dance floor. music was so bad, I spent $2200 and was treated like garbage. I asked to speak to a manager and after waiting 40 minutes a middle eastern looking 7 foot dude who thought he knew what he was talking about started trying to lecture me on clubs and thats just the way service goes in a club! HELLO i'm the customer... i'm 33 years old and have been clubbing since i was 18 and i'm getting lectured after spending good money. I'll NEVER be back.. I'll stick to brant house or somewhere classy not full of little punks! AVOID THIS PLACE!! GROSS

New HOT spot in T.O

The previous posts about Bloke are so inaccurate I had to set it straight.
I have been to Bloke on multiple occasions and they were by far the best experiences i have ever had in Toronto.
Some people are just haters!!
the customer service there was fantastic, the staff was really nice and helpful. They were very busy for those of you who couldn't get in maybe if you were a little nicer to the bouncer and stopped yelling and swearing at him he would have let you in !!!
I was there on Saturday and i even had to wait in line, but when a club is busy there will be line ups. if you wanna go to club without anyone there be my guest, this club is clearly not for you.
Bloke accommodated everyone the best they could, its really not their fault that everyone wants to get into the best spot in the city.

Worst. Launch. Ever.

Everything that was said in the previous reviews about this weekend are absolutely 100% true. I have been clubbing in Toronto for ten years, and have promoted for many excellent establishments. This was by far the most unorganized, stressful, and awful clubbing experience I HAVE EVER HAD.

It was my sister's 25th birthday, we booked a booth with six bottles, and had a huge group coming that night. Half of our group didn't even get in. They didn't provide our booth until 12:30!!! They left two booths empty while we stood around, "because that booth was ordering eight bottles and not six." Excuse me?!! Wow!!

Also they don't know how to flip second service and clear their tables, a basic requirement when you run a lounge or supper club. Some family is sitting in the middle of the back bar until 12:45pm, with empty plates. BAFFLING. The owners and management team are incredibly rude and totally self-righteous. They ended up clearing us two little tables so we could order one bottle. My sister had the worst birthday on record, and then the owners decided to move into our booth before we left at the end of the night and let three girls stomp all over our coats, while laughing and giving us attitude! Are you kidding me, control this place it was a god damn zoo! Amateur hour times ten.

Rule #1 - when you book guest list, cut it off at your capacity limit, not 500 people over the limit Jesus. It's okay though they copped a $5000 fine - and much deserved. Just an utter and total waste of my time, money, and energy. I issue Bloke and 4th the kiss of death. I hope you are out of business in six months. You get one star, only because I am not allowed to give zero. Clowns!


Let me start by saying that I do not normally post reviews for clubs but I feel that it is my responsibility to other people to warn them about this NEW club...To avoid it at all cost. You can't pay me enough to go to this club 1 more time!
*The ppl who works there are ALL rude & totally full of themselves.
* We had a bottle service & surprise to find that it's about 3 feet of space, that's it! I kid you not.
* there were 2 line up on either side of the front door, one for bottle service & one for guest list. WTF?! shouldn't the bottle service ppl be ushered to their reserved space right away instead of waiting in line outside for 45 mins in -25 temp. it's not like we are waiting for ppl to leave the bottle service spot so they can seat us. BUT the real kicker is that the bouncers at the front will let in most ppl clamoring in the "middle" part of either lines, ppl w their own connection or just simply greasing the front bouncers to get in. Ridiculous..
* then once we got in, there is absolutely nothing special about this place. the place is so narrow that there wasn't any space for us to enjoy even tho we have a bottle service area, if you can call it that.
*it's so bad that even after suffering in the cold for 45 mins to get in, we left the place after 20 minutes after getting in..
*the drinks are pretty expensive, $9 for a shot of Alize, seriously??
IT'S BAD BAD BAD... & i do not understand why it was so busy. I wouldn't have put up w it if it wasn't for my girlfriend's bday party.

Consider this a warning, Do yourself a favor & Go somewhere else, anywhere really. I actually consider this posting my good deed for the day bcoz i honestly do not want anybody else to experience how horrible this place is.


Wow, the line outside this past sat Jan 14th, was not even that long & took 4EVER! I've been at other places where the line was much longer & I got in much faster! The bouncers were idiots & all they did was scream at everyone, say the club was fulll & kept lying about the wait time. etc etc. The only people they remotely cared about were the bottle service ones & were rude even to them. Everyone was in horrible moods, which definitely made the line less tolerable. But 2b fair it was freezing! Not that the bouncers cared.

Then once we got in, it wasn't even full at all!! Jerks! Oh & apparantly there was no room left in coat check! It was cold, drinks were expensive, ppl huddled together but not many danced, the music was old or bad, definitley not Top 40, everyone was very pushy. It took every patience not to start punching people 4 their complete rudeness. Not to mention, the douchebag ratio ended up being way too high!

Past weekend

Was there with friends this past weekend, for a dinner and partying afterwards. Totally disappointed about the place. Me and my girlfriends expected so much more. The service was slow, and we were not taken seriously. We had heard that the place was really good and high class but it turned out that was not the case. As a customer, i was unacknowledged and there was absolutely no communication

Waste of Space

Poor lounge performance
- Extremely disorganized without any sense of a line
- Most people (even attractive ones) left out of frustration --> line did not move, and were ignored or talked distastefully by staff
- Even those at the front of "the line" left
- Bouncers selected only those connected to the owner for entrance or requested a minimum of 4 bottle purchase
- Once inside people stood around like zombie animals in a crate
- Patrons could not dance and wasted space pretending to be more important than they are
- There were creepy middle aged men there
- They do not honor refunds for cover
- Staff on the inside of the lounge are as clueless and rude as the ones on the outside
- Mediocre music
- My friends and I left within 7 minutes of arriving because we do not want to support a business that lacked integrity & class, and who have yet to discover the meaning of customer service and club etiquette
- NOTHING SWANK about this place --> it's all marketing, fake style without substance, a lifeless party vibe (yawn ten times over), and egoistic staff
- Once the hype dies of being new, this lounge will not be able to maintain quality patrons because they do not understand who they are mistreating and the large volume of general mistreatment
- Their reputation is destined to be trashed
- They are uninterested in building relationships with patrons and the real clubbers and loungers know how important this is, are loyal to this, and can identify the dud over the gems
- This place, the staff, the way they organize themselves, the way they handle themselves, the vibe, the patrons, the music ---> Total DUD

- We left and hit Maison, got in right away and melted into the loca music, and sparkled on the dancefloor
- Just to give you some background info on us: We are serious clubbers, been doing the scene for a while, are friends with many club owners and club staff across the GTA, and know the scenes in Vegas and Miami intimately well.

- This place is not the way to go... if you are the type who wants to do things crazy and right.

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