Mans never been in Stadium when its Shut Down eh, Trust me daddii


102 Peter Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 2G7

Stadium Info

Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals, Urban
Friday-Saturday 10pm - 3am, Long Weekends, & Special Events
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca
4 Floors, 4 Unique Nightclubs

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There is currently no events posted for Stadium.

Stadium Reviews


No stars! Just got all my belongings robbed from the coat check!!! My yellow alaska jacket, my fancy zipped strelitzia hoddie and my small red/grey backpack! Never coming back! Beware folks!!! - 18-05-2018

Worst club would never go back

I give this club a rating of no stars.

I would never go back to this club even if i was paid to do so. The bouncers are rude pieces of shit that are so disrespectful to the people who are suppose to be spending money at this place. Power trip losers who couldn't get a real job so have to spend their friday and saturday not enjoying themselves making minimum wage being the door bitch.

After going through a separate entrance where the other "very professional" bouncers allow the crowd to cut line for money or allow their friends to cut line for free.

They claim this place is suppost to be classy but meanwhile the bathrooms had over flooded toilet and had flooded the first floor making our dance floor covered in inches of dirty toilet water was absolutely disgusting.

All in all do yourself a favour and don't go to this bar!! You have been warned.

Worst Club in Toronto

Went there on friday night and had a terrible experience. Staff was the worst i have seen in all of tororno and they treat their customers like shit. Take my advice and never waste a night at this place


Place was a shit hole, bouncers were dicks, dont ever go here, waste of money, waste of a night

Rude crowd

Maybe it was because it's an event (pre-halloween 2013), but the people who i was in line with were pretty rude, openly admitting to queue barging, and swearing profusely. My small group decided to leave the line when we finally got to the door (after about 40min of waiting), because we couldn't stand the crowd. Maybe we were unlucky, and just ended up in the middle of a (very large, and unrelated to each other) group of rude people as they continuously queue-barged or attempted to queue-barge us.
Only time we've been there (or almost inside), and probably won't be going back in the near future.

21+...stay away

I visited aria for my 24th birthday celebration this past weekend and was extremely disappointed with venue. I had chosen this venue over many others as i saw all the rave reviews about the music, venue and staff. We didn't realize that only the aria main room was open on friday's (one of the reasons we chose aria was because of the various other dynamic rooms we had heard so much about) - it was small, crowded and off-putting. The crowd was very young - everyone must have been 19-21 and very rowdy. The drinks were terrible and expensive for what you got. The only saving grace was the music was fairly good (female dj spinning with a good set). We got there at 11:15pm and left at 12:30am. Maybe i didn't pay enough attention to reviews in regards to the age of the crowd, but i would not suggest going if your are 21+ and looking for that age group/crowd.

Aria Complex

If you looking for full vip bottle service or guestlist
Contact >>> finn@iheartkp.Com for details and hook ups ;)


The music and atmosphere was nothing special, but the way security is organized at this club is beyond terrible. first of all there were many male security guards on each floor, some at the doors and some walking around. one security guard repeatedly groped and touched my friends and i inappropriately, which is definitely not part of the job outline. 2nd every other great club i have been too has female, let me repeat that, f e m a l e security in charge of the f e m a l e restrooms. i understand security in the restrooms in necessary, but i do not think it is right for a male security guard to stand and watch females go to the washroom and adjust themselves. there are no public restrooms where even male janitors are allowed to enter a female restroom until it is empty. This club needs some help in the security department. Asap

Another Vegas wannabe, not done right.

Ive partied in vegas several times, and id expect a venue completely named after spots in vegas to at least give an honest try at some sort of class. If you are over the age of 21, dont go here. Only reason i went was for a friends birthday. I can honestly say after 10 years of working in the entertainment district, aria will not last long.

From a vip host who had more attitude then any type of class and actually turned me away from buying more bottles. A security staff that was disorganized and rude. Dirty looking club, with unisex bathrooms that seemed to be that way not to be trendy, but rather to save space. I will say that the 2 bartenders i dealt with were on point. Chris on the rooftop was one of them. The crowd was very young, to the point that i was seeing people i could guarantee were underaged. Their website talks about dress code, but i didnt see it. Lots of trashy folks walking around. Some kid in the bathroom told me he loved the unisex cuz he could hit on girls in there too.

This is a place for kids, which is probably why management doesnt care, because they know their main group of clientelle doesnt know any better.

What a Shame!

As if they have that shady bartender judy working there, i was shocked to see her working at another club. doesn't management know that she's been fired from every club she worked at for stealing! Wow! The clubs is alright though

Stolen phone!

Talked to a sweet young lady ont he go bus she said that her phone was stolen at aria that same night, i've heard this happen with other people also.


So who ever decides to go to this club either leave your phone at home, or prepare to get it stolen. This club is sketchy as f***. I myself got my phone stolen just by walking through a crowd of people. I also know of several other people who got their phones stolen, all of them girls. I would hate for someone to go through what i did so i am just putting it out there. Watch your bags & phones at all times! Xoxo

Never going back

I went to aria on a saturday night, which is probably the busiest night of the week for them to wait in line for half an hour when i had bottle service and my name was on the guest list. After finally reaching the front of the line, my boyfriend who is of age - 20 gets his id denied because they say that his drivers license doesn't look like him. After showing the bouncer 3 other pieces of id, his health card and student card they pass over the problem to the "owner" of aria. This arrogant white piece of trash begins to yell at me saying that it wasn't him and he wasn't allowed in the club because of his id. I explain to him that he has atleast 3 other pieces and the owner ignores me, and tells me that he doesn't care and he wasn't getting in. I thought this was very unfair and i am truly disgusted with the staff at this nightclub. I will probably never return, it is filled with half naked girls who the security don't say anything about. The "dress code" is classy, however many people were also getting denied for wearing jeans and running shoes. There is nothing classy about this club, it is garbage and enforcing a strict dress code just leaves the club with less service.
One security guard, a fat black guy even was making conversion to the people in the line as if there wasn't 100 other people waiting to get in the club. I don't recommend this club to anyone!


The club is nice and my girl decided to have her birthday there got a booth and everything but holyyy they were so unorganized! First they said our booth was in the 3ed floor, then the 2nd floor then the 4th floor? Plus the stupid girl with her dumb clipboard didnt give us the bypass tickets so when we finally got inside to the correct floor they told us we have to pay upfront or get the tickets when its my friends bday. Despite how idotic rhe ppl are working there istill had a good time and they play good music.


What a terrible experience. I understand may e out group has an overly higher standard when it comes to toronto club venues, but this place was just ridiculous. We decided to host a birthday party at pure patio on the roof of aria and do our usual bottle service etc. Well it's safe to say myself, and my group will never return to aria again. Terrible booth setups. Everyone is overflowing into everyone's booth. No separation. Our waitress was (for lack of a better word) a complete bitch! Nothing but attitude and pretty much made any simple task we asked of her a huge ordeal. The booth areas are open completely to everyone else in the club, so expect random people to be joining your booth sipping on your vodka without you knowing.

I don't know.. Our group just has a higher level of expectations when it comes to toronto's night life. If you want a true vip experience then goto one of ink's clubs. (dragonfly, uniun, product, etc) they are all about customer service and making sure their patrons have the best possible experience. If that's the type of night your looking for, then go to one of those clubs and not this place.


I went there last night and had an wonderfuo night.Although this place is small and it was kinda cold at first.
However, i booked a booth for my party at pure patio, they just gave us a small booth at haze!!!Even they called before to comfirmed!!!


I went there last night and had an wonderfuo night.Although this place is small and it was kinda cold at first.
However, i booked a booth for my party at pure patio, they just gave us a small booth at haze!!!Even they called before to comfirmed!!!

Hot spot

So me and my girlfriends went to this club last Saturday, and it was amazing. Each floor had like its own genre of music. The staff were friendly, especially the cute bouncer with the haircut with designs ;)
The only let down is the long line to get in and the coat check line was like ridiculously long


i Honestly love this place, such a nice classy enviorment the bar service is slow should hire more bartenders.
they should advertise more make it more crowded.
other than that everyhing was AMAZAING!


went there last saturday april 20.
music is good
was crowed
the only thing negative about that night was that my IPHONE GOT STOLEN :(


the place was very big and it was crowded me and my friends had a blast celebrating my birthday. Great music and djs high class and not dirty like most clubs. the bouncers are nice too

Last saturday

the music was amazing very nice bouncers! and crazy crowed everyone is drunk. THIS PLACE IS FUCKING FUNNN ---- CANNNOT BE MISSED ---



Stolen IPhone

Hey just wanted to add that my iphone got stolen from my purse. I even saw the guy who did it but by the time i approached him it was handed off and he didn't have it on him.
Girls, pleaseeee BE CAREFUL. I've heard of guys trying to unzip other purses too. mine was a foldover magnetic snap purse so it was easier.

anyways, bad experience. but the music was good at haze.

bad club

the place is awesome, it is huge i think 4 floors. The music is good as you can go to any floor you want to go depending on the type of music.

bad thing is that they steal phones there, they unzipped my bag and i saw the guy looking for other bags that he could unzip, they are about 8-9 guys in that business especially at that club so be careful!





call him

You better call Tyrone. CAlL HIM

Good But Bad

I have gone to Aria on Saturday a few times and mostly stay on the Patio (Pure) for 90% of my night. But something has changed the music/host is great the party is there but these past few weeks the sound on the pure floor has gotten BAD! I can't hear anything and when you're beside a speaker its sounds like it broken. I'm not sure if the speakers are broken but it didn't sound like that before, I have been apart of a booth twice on that floor and good luck trying to hear anything in the booth areas you need to be on the dance floor to hear something. I mostly hear people chanting and yelling more than the music. I have been to the new clubs that have opened up in the past few weeks but nothing compares to the actual party on the pure patio. But the sound has become a really big issue for me and my friends we come to party, & hear the music.


i like it but my only complaint is the long lines but once you are in its crazy on all 4 levels

Terrible night from start to finish!!

The worst night ever!! We went to the club on march 23,20013 and will never go back. I have never been to a bar/club that you have to wait in a line for bottle service. This place made us stand outside for atleast 30mins. After waiting and being harassed by the bouncers for wearing hoodies and hats they told us we weren't aloud to coat check them inside when the manager just told us it was fine. After waiting in line half of our group was denied entry because there shoes were not upscale enough for this fancy club. This was not a big deal because my buddies knew they should have wore nicer shoes. Once we got in I would have to say 50% of the people were wearing running shoes and looked like bums. I could go on all day about how shitty the night was but I think the 100 other bad reviews say enough.


My honest opinion.

I went to aria March 23rd for a friends birthday. After being in the club for 10 minutes I promised myself I would never come again. The reasons are as followed:
- I've never seen so many trashy people in my life. The dress code is a lie, so if you have class and like to dress half decent don't go to Aria you'll be overdressed. I lost count of the amount of the graphic sports tees I saw.
- No one should pay 20 dollars for filth. The aesthetics of this club perfectly matched the crowd, if I wanted to go to port-a-potty I would have gone to a construction site.
- I've never seen so many uneducated people in one building.
- the bouncers slow the lines down so people offer them bribes to get in ( seen it happen quite a few times)
- slowest bar service.
- the main downfall was the crowd though, it seems like everyone went to get their outfits at the flea market.

If you have some class please don't come. Ive been to several clubs and never seen anything as bad as this. The old wetbar hasn't changed a bit.

- cheers

Finest CLub in Toronto 5 starts and more!

Let me just tell you, My friend and i are so happy we stubbled on to this club by accidentally last night. THIS place is Great! The staff is well rounded, organized, the customer service is great and they have very stylish, nice and beautiful people working. I have always went to club where the staff attitudes are always a prerequisite. But this club has proven that not only is the music really great (amazing to dance to and get into, there's music for everyone and for every taste), the atmosphere is very lively an positive, the lighting, decorations and theme is nice and comfortable.

Almost all the people i saw in the club were all beautiful well dressed 20-somethings. Being a girl like my self i always get harassed by men which is why i don't tend to go to many clubs, but even the men are nice. The price to get into the cub is fair and so are the drinks.

I have never posted any review or rating of any establishment but this is a greta place that deserves much recognition! I will be going here much more as it is my new FAVE! I would deff recommend this club, but only to people who appreciate and respect what i have described about the club.

If you decide to go I wish you a great time!


how is it small the place is massive its probably the 2nd smallest next to guvernment


reply to the person that said this place is so small? Haha, its the biggest club in the entertainment district. wwhat a shit talker you're probably some dumbass promoter at another club thats always dead, and this is your only way of trying to help out.


I work at a club downtown as a bouncer and reading these posts piss me off. The kinda losers who complain about security are the Drunk fools who puke on themselves and "wanna keep partying" or the losers who get liquid courage pop their light blue dress shirt collars and try starting fights. After waking up from a slap and thrown out they come cry on sites. Go to these places be respectful don't over drink and have fun. The bouncers won't bother u.


Do not waste ur time and go to this club, by far the worst one down town toronro! The bouncers are a bunch of old men that are angry losers who think they are cool talking shit to ppl! Close this club ,it's shit!!!!!!!!! Hire new staff!! Get organized! Do somthing!!!!


This is probably the worst club I have ever went. I don't call it a nightclub because its more like a private drinking party room. The space is small and all around is the VIP booth. more than 70% are couples they came maybe for celebrating someone birthday. I am surrounded by couples in the dancing floor and its truly a nightmare.


i dont know about you guys but i get it in everytime i go lol

Good time

I've read someone's comments about how they got their phone stolen from coatcheck? I wanna know what kind of IDIOT goes to any club and leaves their phone or wallet in their coat which they put in coat check. You must have no common sense. Just thought I'd put that out there. Seems like there are a few dumbasses on here that leave their stuff carelessly lying around and expect no one to take it. Either they're all really dumb or they're making stuff up. Anyways, I went to this club this past weekend and had a pretty good time.

My Birthday

I Had my birthday here. It took a little longer then I thought to get in, but i Did show up a little i guess theres no excuse on my part. When I did get in, a girl walked me to my booth, and a waitress already asked who the birthday girl was by name!

I had a great time. I was a little skeptical with all the bad reviews coming here. I looked at all the clubs, and no one has good reviews, so i followed my gut and had an awesome time.


worst club ever. 3 of my friends phones got stolen and reading the reviews it happens a lot. get your shit together aria. they over pack the club so its crowded as hell and the staff are useless and rude. never ever ever going back


This is the worst club I've ever been to.
No customer service skills by any of the stuff.
The bouncers will try to take money from you at every turn and threaten to kick you out if you don't pay them. The coat check line was long and inefficient and I guarantee if you go you will experience the same bullshit. Even if you're on guestlist expect to pay 20 dollar cover. This club was fucking terrible.

Not even a 1 star. I wouldn't go again if I got 10 free bottles and 6 booths.


This was honestly the worst club I've ever been too. The line was incredibly long (even for those with a guestlist). Cover was much more expensive than any other club I've been to (even with a guestlist). The coat check line took more than half an hour and they only had one girl working at the desk. If you lose your friends it is impossible to find them again, even with constant texting because it is so packed. It took my half an hour to find my friends after coat check. They decided to go dance while I coatchecked because they thought the line would shorten later (it didn't) and they ended up having to keep their coats with them the whole time. The floor that had the best music was so hot and the air was stale. People were rude and so were the bouncers, who would yell at you if you weren't in a room and just in the hallway trying to make a phone call. The club wreaked of smoke and body odour, and if someone paid me to go there again, I wouldn't. I have probably been to at least 15 other clubs downtown and 8 around the GTA and this is by far the worst one. I will never go again, and I will advise others not to as well. It's an expensive night, for a terrible experience. Even if you're drunk, you will be sober in 5 minutes, because it's THAT bad.


dont go here unless you want your phone stolen. They will unzip your purse and take it like they did to mine or literally take it out of your hands like they did my friends. fuck this club and the trash that goes there

Nice Club

LOVE the music and the servers are pretty fast. Service is pretty good. :D


I went last Saturday my only complaint was the line because it was so packed, i like that there are 4 rooms and that we can go to all of them


Went to Aria on the 23rd of Feb, 2013 for a 25th birthday party. Our group ranged from 23 - 30. We were aware of the type of crowds that go out on Peter St. however we chose Aria for the separate House room. The bouncers were VERY rude for absolutely no reason! We spent a total of $920 on bottle service for two booths. The waitress was so upset that we "ONLY" tipped her 20% that she never came by our booth after the first round of bottles and mix. We spent the whole night in and out of the back room grabbing our own mix and glasses. The bathroom is co-ed and is absolutely DISGUSTING! There was only toilet paper in 3 of the stalls from the beginning of the night and yet soo much toilet paper on the floor all over the club. I'm not sure where the pictures on the website are from, because the club looks NOTHING like them. OH and .... smoking is inside only so if you don't want to suffocate all night and reek of cigarette do NOT go to this club!

lame and overhyped

The staircases were packed no line organization
staff is rude. Went to the haze hip hop room i believe and there was alota oldd music plus repeats of it. Not much dancehall although thats what got the crowd dancing . Dj needs work. Wud i pay 20$ to come here ? With toilet paper decorated floors leading from the outside the washrooms in ? Hell no. Ratchet and pretentious

Great exprirence

Went to aria for my girls birthday on the 23rd. Coming from maple I'm more used to venues such as luxy. From my exprirence it was great! I found the 4 seperate rooms all had diff styles of music. My friends booth was up in pure on the roof top patio which had some really good looking guys. Staff was on top of bottle serv and they're were a good amount of bouncers in the club two things that make a great club.


This was the worst club experience ever!!!! Went there for friends bday... 20 of us..... 3 iphones STOLEN!!! One goof tried to rip the phone out of my friends hands while she was using it? WTF?!?! Another friend had her keys stolen out of COATCHECK?!!!! Who runs this stinking hole???


went to this club last night for my birthday...and will not be returning. I suggest not going unless you feel like having things stolen. My phone, as well as 2 of my friends, had their phones stolen and another friend left car keys in their jacket pocket and coat check decided to take them. they were in the most secure locations of the jacket, inside pocket with zipper, unless you're digging they wouldn't be found. Also, cover is way to expensive for what they offer..not that nice for paying 15-20 dollars. basically..not recomeneded.


Jah know me want to smoke dat wet blunt, and gyal dem took my ganja at the bloodclat door. Not 420 friendly, mans will stick to coconuts.


Jah know me want to smoke dat wet blunt, and gyal dem took my ganja at the bloodclat door. Not 420 friendly, mans will stick to coconuts.


Traveled from oshawa to see my girls and check out aria last Sat. Night started ok except this bouncer at the front kept yelling in his annoying loud voice "CLEAR THE SIDE WALK" he had his face covered and was annoying. After lighting up the dance floor and having a blast an asshole in the UNISEX bathroom grabbed my ass and pushed me I was like this MAN. The bouncer some shorter arab or spanish guy grabbed him right away and tossed him out. Security was on point. The venue and staff are great in general. Just make sure u use the washroom before it gets dirty ;)

Rompe la discoteca

Me and my boi abdi went last saturday, they have sexy bottle service girls, sexy bartenders, sexy dancers, sexy coat check girls and best of all sexy bitches all around. While chillin in the aria room they handed out free shit all night. We eventually went up to pure and being able to smoke on the patio roof top while drinking was well worth the trip up the stairwell. The staff was helpful and bouncers showed mutual respect. Will be back again.



Wow went to aria this weekend and what a night bouncers were great helped my find my lost purse and nothing was missing. I wasn't expecting it to be returned but I guess there are good people in this world woodia

never again

went to circus circus tonight and we had the worst serive ever. Was looking so forward to this event and i was so let down!! def will NOT be going back!
Very bad for a new club!


The worst service I have ever experienced at a Toronto Club. The bouncers are crooked and outrageously unprofessional. One bouncer grabbed me by the neck without any physical provocation. After he grabbed my by the neck and kicked me out for no reason, another bouncer offered to let us in for 40 bucks to him and the original bouncer. Being my girls birthday and that she was waiting inside I accepted after he pretended not to see us for 40 mins, we went in and he said were going to all have to pay cover again, after he clearly saw us inside. When asked their names both bouncers told me to fuck off, with the fatter one responding "Richard, Richard" after a few attempts. Would not recommend, would never go again.


Had to wait like 40 minutes in the freezing cold in a line even though we signed up for bottle service and booth. They said they would give us reduced cover for our guests and some of us ended paying $20 full cover! When we got inside ,the booth we got was so small! The washroom was disgusting. The only thing that was good was probably the music. Never again!




For Last Minute Bottle Service & Guest List
647-897-9477 or


went out yesterday night Feb 15, and the bouncers did not accept my friend's legal ID, WTF? I got past the bouncer and then another friend couldn't make it in, so I decided to talk to him to see what the plan was, because he was staying over at my place. The RUDE ass bouncer was like, "are you in or are you out?", and then just pushed me out of the line while I was talking to my friend. Terrible customer service, thank god, did not get bottle service...

My Encounter

worst time

poor service

crap music

same old club as mansion

will never be back!

Never again

Not only did they lose my jacket, AFTER Paying for coat check. And kicking me out when I demanded my jacket, but they then lost my wallet after I left it on the country of coat check. Disgusting. Security doesn't give a rats arse. Very poor


Overall experience was a big disappointment. Got bottles for a bday and got treated very poorly. Waste of money, and drinks are over priced for what it is. Also, how do you get bottle service, get promised free passes and everyone end up paying $20 cover....

Real Truth

The comment below is so untrue. Thats how you know its a promoter writing that. I was there this past saturday and it was nothing like said below. there was not even 600 people in the club. Poor service and basically Mansion with a few changes.


ok! SO here is the deal. Im also in the nightclub industry, work on king. iv been to aria i like it the Fridays do well 5-600 hundred people and the Saturdays im going to say about 1500-2000 people. The staff is good and beautiful and the people are nice! Yes there is wait, but where isnt there a wait when its a good club! Majority of the reviews that are bad are fake thats because other clubs and promoters are a bit scared of Aria as it is looking out to be a new hotspot! However, i am not because my club still does well! To other people out there step up your game. To the real customer reading this, go there and judge for yourself!! You will like it!

Party Time

Had a great time! Will be back soon


Sexy girls, great atmosphere!!!!! I will be back

Unforgettable Birthday

All i have to say is WOW. Came all the way from Hamilton to celebrate my 25th birthday and it was the best time. Great music, beautiful people and an amazing staff. Whenever i come to Toronto i will be going to Aria

Had a great time

Came from Sudbury to Toronto to party and Aria Complex was our choice. Was a great choice, different floors and different music. Cant wait to come back!!!!!!!


I was at Aria this past Saturday and had an amazing time. there was a little bit of a line but u have to expect that with such a big venue. The staff was amazing, very helpful and informative. The crowd was sexy and everyone having a great time. I will be back regularly

Better then expected

Fun on 4 floors. Had a great time. Its what we need in terms of a place where people can walk up and down based on their musical taste. Recommend it.

Just ok

Went to Aria for the 1st time (feb. 9th, 2013), it was my friends birthday. We were told cover was reduced to $10 by email confirmation, but at the door told it was $15. After this, our group was split up because they wouldn't let everyone in at once, so half of us were in and waiting on the other half. The first 45 minutes of our night we were trying to figure out why fiends were being held at the door, turns out some people were charged $20 instead of $15, even though we were originally told $10, and 2 of my girlfriends were charged They gave us an extra bottle but I would have rather had the extra money I paid back! Moving on, our server was awesome and the music was good but towards the end of the night Condoms were being given and thrown on the floor and to be honest I thought that was kind of dirty...not to mention that there was only ONE bathroom...a MIXED one! Ladies do not like to go to the bathroom and see guys there too, staring you down or trying to feel you up. I think the cover price of $20 is too much for the experience we had, but everyone is different, so go and judge, or don't, for yourself.


I wouldn't even rate this club a 1 it was so bad! Literally 6 good looking girls waited in line an hr. The only reason we waited was because it was our friends birthday (who had bottle service). I will never go back. The club was extremely ghetto/trashy. You would be making a mistake going! Nothing like Vegas!!!

Scam on Guestlist

Aria is full of shit I can't believe they said guest list ends at 11:30 my friend and I show up there around 11:10 and we were waiting in line and one of the guy that works there let some people in. My friend and I got let in and they never even give us a ticket for guest list there was no one there to do there job. When we went in there and got check by security we went up to the door thinking guest list was done upstairs. The girl tells us guest list was over at 11 even tho on clubzone it said before 11:30 and we were there 11:25 and she telling us how we have to talk to the security like why the fuck do I need to talk to him when she the person thats handling all the tickets and cash. So she told us one of us has to no get the guy that let us in so we can get in and so I went to go look for him and he not there I end up talking to the bouncer at the door and I waited 10 mins for them to get the guest list guy and we recieve fucking pink admission to the club and we had to pay 15 buck!!!! even tho we were early on the guest list. Aria has false ad and shouldn't be lying to people. And worst thing yet I ask the dumb bitch that does the cash and tickets whats the club behind her that she's letting people in and she told me to talk to the security guard like WTFF!!!!! FAIL!!!!


Was expecting a great night and all I got was disappointment....
Poor service, rude staff, music wasn't that great and the sound system was distorted like Mansion was. I was expecting some real renovations, but all they did was put some white drapes around the place.

Very Disappointing Aria!

Amazing Time

So I went there with a few friends to have some drinks and check out the new place ended up having a amazing time...the bartenders and bottle service girls were very polite and served me very fast...the bouncers there are very friendly and keep the environment peaceful...the music was very the different vibes on all 4 floors ...i will definatly be back again


Worst club downtown Toronto for service and experience!
Not wasting my time explaining all the crap I got for my bday! Hope this club gets what it deserves!

Not a Good time

hey guys,

just wanted to let you know my experience when I went last weekend to this club.

First off we got there early and the cover was not free as promised with the person on the phone. So we paid, what else you going to do...

secondly, we got a tiny booth for my 22 people and 6+ bottles. Only 4 people could sit at a time...TERRIBLE!

Thirdly, the bottle service waitress messed up the order 2 times, didn't bring my champagne as promised and then tried to over charge me $70...WHAT THE HELL!

Lastly, I can't believe the poor service and very bad quality of customer service this place has. I asked to speak with the manager and she said she couldn't bring him and he was busy. I am very upset how our night turned out and after spending over $900 for a tiny booth I can't say anything good about this club. I have been to other clubs where things are off here and there but never anything even close to this BAD!

I highly suggest NOT to go to this place. If you do and have a better time, kudos to you! I have been reading the reviews on this page and they are 90% BAD and everything seems to relate back to bad customer service and a poorly manged nightclub!


Terrible service!

Every worse customer service!

Ugly Crowd, smelly crowd, dirty crowd

Long Wait for everything (and not even that busy)

Bouncers are very rude and rough with people

Will never be back, not even for a free night!


Went on Saturday and we had a terrible time. Waited in a small line for over 30mins, its like the bouncers hold the line to make money. Bad service, music was alright, nothing special & overall experience was not great. Wouldn't go back


I always have fun at this club. The music is good and everyone I was with the last time I went liked it. Awesome time!


Went to see dekoze saturday in Pure.

The MC and aria were giving out sooo much free shit like glwsticks and sunglasses that lit upto add to the house music festival vibe. So awesome.

great time


Amazing time on Friday night ... this club makes an effort ... no complaints and an overall great fun night out

Hot Night

This place does not tolerate drunken idiots. They will not admit girls that have been drinking to excess. That being said, the people (guys and girls) not admitted were both white and black.

This club lets in lots of people before the ones in line because they are regulars. If the owner knows you, he will let you in. That is the deciding factor in letting you in or not right away. The other is if you are a girl. For the girls I understand because when I went in last night, it was a meat market. If you are looking for more women, go on a Friday.

The girls were decent regular girls. Some hotter than others. Drinks were $4 throughout. Cover is nothing compared to downtown and you do not pay for parking. I actually saved money by going to this place last night.

And please when you go, please dress up better.

Worst nightclub experience

Waited in an over crowded line for an hour in the freezing cold, everything was over priced and not worth it! Every one who worked there was disgustingly rude! Never will
I go back!


We pre-book a booth with bottle service for my friends birthday to find out we cant get in we all let our coats in the limo we took there so we were standing outside for over an hour freezing and fighting with the bouncers to get in. I would never go back there again. Poor Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Service and Horrible Time

Celebrated my birthday here on Jan. 19th. I just want to express that the service was horrible! From the beginning when I booked my booth (which wasn't the right booth the was promised) to when we arrived at the club, the guy had down the wrong amount of bottles which resulted in less free admissions for my big party. Still when I finally got to my booth, I ordered the right amount and repeated myself about a million times and the server still got it wrong! Very frustrating....we went from ordering 5 bottles to ONLY receiving 3. Champagne was promised to me...which is my absolute favourite.... and the server still didn't bring it to me even though I requested for it several times. BAD SERVICE!! To top it off, we tried ordering more bottles and she didn't pay us any attention until finally we had to go to another server. This is definitely not a high end club. I've been to classier and where the clubs have actually treated me with excellent quality of service.

Hated it!

what a scam. Basically Mansion/Wetbar with some new curtains around the place. Same layout, nothing really changed. Even the staff is still rude and try to rip you off. Hated it on Saturday Night!


All the bouncers want is MONEY. NO class whats so ever. The people running this place have no idea what the hell they are doing. The bouncers forced us to give them money for taking our drink into the washroom or else we would get kicked out. EXTORTION. Place should get shut down!! Its a disaster.

Sat Jan 19



Last Night

last night was terrible at aria. ugly crowd, smells like puke, and they say they did "renos" it the same as mansion with some cheap led lights and ikea curtains around the walls to hide the ugly paint behind. this is def NOT upscale what so ever!! staff was rude, bouncers kicked my friend out cause he wouldn't pay them.. worst club experience ever! never ever ever ever going back!


went last night and I can definitely say it was the worst clubbing experience in the 24 years of being on this earth!
I go out to clubs often so i know the kind of bullshit you have to go thru here and there, but nothing like this!


Bad Time

Terrible time! Don't even know where to start explaining...

I am so mad and sad at the same time. There was a big hype on this place but the night we had was just such a waste of time and money! I advise not to attend this place


Celerbated my 20th birthday here and had an awesome time. The MC gave me a shout out, bartender bought me a birthday drink, and it was an awesome friggin time! Prob will come back here again when I'm back from school!


Went this past weekend and I was very upset with the experience i had at Aria/Pure.

First off we spent over $1000 and got treated like we didn't even have bottle service. The bouncers held the line and tried to ask us for money to go in right away. Now i know why there was a line all night, the bouncers hold it to try and make money! As if were not spending enough inside already...CMON MAN!!

then we get inside and the booth is so small that only about 4 people could sit and we had a large party. I specifically asked to be in a decent size booth. Especially when I am spending over $1000 at your so called "up scale" club. NOT UPSCALE!

The music was alright, nothing special. The MC was so annoying, talking over the music every 10 seconds like a black urban jam. I want to enjoy the music! STOP TALKING!

Im getting so pissed just re-acting and thinking about the night, so i will end it here before I freak out!

I would highly highly suggest to STAY AWAY from this place, and if you don't take my advice I will laugh at you and say I TOLD YOU SO!

I hope they close soon like every other club! Us customers don't deserve to be treated like this! VERY VERY BAD CUSTOMER RELATIONS!


Waste of time, waste of money, very bad service.

WON'T be back here again!

Not Good

Same as Mansion/Wetbar. Minor minor reno's - Very disappointing!

same staff, same music, same owners, same place just new name

Went there last weekend...

Went there last weekend...had an awesome time. I was a little iffy, cuz the line was long...but when I got the hot ass go go dancers got me in the mood, and I didn't even know there was 4 floors until i got home! Pretty much only stayed on the first floor, but glad i did because they had some dude dancing with lasers attached to his head on the stage.

Ruined my Birthday

Not wasting my time or energy to explain the worst birthday ever! All I want to say is that Aria & the entire complex ruined my birthday and I am very pissed off!
I called all week and they wont return my calls. Tried to speak with a manager and nothing. Worst customer service EVER!

I hate you ARIA COMPLEX!

Not Impressed

Went this past Saturday and was not impressed at all. The hype on this place was wayyyy over rated!! It's the same layout as mansion and wetbar with some paint added and a few minor changes. I thought it was going to be a little higher class, but its the same, if not worse then mansion was!

Me and my crew got bottle service and the customer service was terrible! We spent over $800 and got treated like shit!! No one had a good time and the waitress tried to rip us off. Can't believe it.

Music was alright, nothing special. The sound system doesn't sound good at all. Very distorted.

We will never be back, even for a free booth we wouldn't return


Mansion and Wetbar, just slightly revamped

Like any new club, promoters were over hyping this place saying it was the next big thing... It's basically Mansion and Wetbar just slightly re-designed with a new name. It's not a terrible club, but just the crowd is the type you'd expect from the promotion companies pushing the event. The music wasn't bad, but I didn't appreciate the attitude from the staff and bouncers when entering/leaving the club. Had an OK time, not the worst spot in Toronto.







WOW...i just went there last saturday. SO FUN. I didn't even know about this devil guy, so it was even better when I got there and saw some crazy performance on what used to be mansion?!?!

Definitley would go back again!


What a scam! Exact same club LOL. That's where there are no photos no where. Not here anywhere. Exactly the same as shithole mansion.

What is this?

I thought this was a new club, but I'm not surprised to be disappointed. The only things new are the logos, everything else is the same Mansion and Wetbar. If you're going to go ahead and copy every name on the Vegas strip, then at least similarly step up your service and ambiance. My experience wasn't even mediocre. Your service is very poor! This was a waste of time and money. For a club that just launched your focus should be service, service, service, as that's all you really have to offer us as the same space, and new name.

Not Bad

Went this Past Saturday to the grand opening and it wasn't too bad. To be honest, I was expecting more! Its basically the same layout as mansion and wetbar but they did some back-lighting around the booths and put up some white curtains. No major renovations done here. Music was good, and crowd was alright. Overall, I am a little disappointed with the staff and the way I was treated, but its a club in downtown Toronto so its expected now..

Can't Wait

Yup... Can't Wait

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