Andy Pool Hall Lounge Reviews


Trolls shouldn't be allowed to post in forums. this place is awesome. ask anyone who has gone or who still goes and all you'll hear for sure is how great it is. the best dj nights in the city hands down!


worst club on the planet, trys to hard to be a hip trendy NYC or LA club..Servers are rude, bouncers mouthy, decor,,,cheap looking, DJ sux, especially if one of his/her wigs fall off.....Great place for gay guys to get free blowjob in the bathroom, stay away, only the hip wannabees go there, along with the losers who never made it in time I play Toronto, I will go to a real club........


Hello this info is mostly all wrong- can someone from this site contact us ( if this site is still monitored ) Example we do have cover charge Friday and Saturdays - our capacity is 500 not 200- We have a big patio- we do not play top 40 - we are open Tues- Sat ETC.


This is one of the most chilling places to spend your time. Recommended to anyone.

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