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Small place and bad service. There are many better places in toronto.

Terrible Customer Service

After our holiday party everyone was meeting at Amber.
A few of us got to the place a little later and the bouncer at the door would not allow us to enter even though we told him our group was already in. He said the only way we could get in was with bottle service. We than requested to let one of us go in to check to see if our group was still there (before we took the bottle service) but we were told we could not do so. The next day we found out that the only people at Amber on that night was from our company!

I guess the bouncer was doing what was asked of him but that's also a great way to lose customers! I will not be recommending Amber to anyone, that's for sure!


The nice pictures on this website doesn't match what's there today. It took us a good few mintues to find the front door, because we didn't think it will be one level below with a graffiti art painted door (in yorkville area?). Walking into the seating area you'll get a spa like strong flowery incense with heavy bass music. Talk about mis-match? However, if you would like the whole place to yourself it's a great place to go because there were only 3 customers on a Sat night 11:30pm.

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