2 Cats Cocktail Lounge Reviews


Same problem, arrived to enjoy ourselves and the music. standing at the bar having a good time when some a-hole bouncer comes along and says we are getting kicked out. i told him it was no problem (despite not given a reason for being kicked out) and didn't want to cause an issue, but he decides to get foreceful and starts pushing me down the hall and out the door. serious problem with how they treat people.

Young professional

Absolute joke management (bouncers) my buddy and i were out just the two of us enjoying a saturday night. First time there as my friend just moved in down the street. Spent the night doing what normal 24 year old guys do, spending our money on drinks and talking to women. End of the night comes around and i go to get my coat, dropped my coat ticket on the ground and didn't realize it. My work id that blattinly says my name with a picture was in the pocket and i told them that i would prove its mine... Sure enough they say no and telling me i can't get my coat without a ticket. My buddy does a scan around finds my ticket on the ground i pass it to the girl and before i know it i get my coat and get dragged out of there in a hurry, not saying anything disrespectful just some ignorant asshole bouncer decided he had a cape on that night. Will never go back to this place or advise anyone to in the future. Way too many good bars downtown with bouncers and management who respect the people spending their money there minding their own business. I had to explain to my boss today why i had cuts on my neck from the idiot digging his nails into my neck. Lucky further action wasn't taken here guys.

A$$h*ole Bouncer

I was having such a great time at the bar until i decided to go out for a smoke. One of the bouncers (the one who wears glasses) comes up to me and says hey we can't let you back in bc we've received several complaints that you were harassing people. So i asked him what exactly were the complaints about because i did no such thing and he wouldn't explain further. I was in the bar having a great time with my friends and was gladly spending my money in there. Also, if they did actually receive complaints about me harassing ppl why wouldn't they have kicked me out of the bar right when they supposedly received the complaints?!?! Which is why i call bull!!! The bouncer with the eyeglasses proceeded to call me a cow as well. It's always nice to receive such sweet compliments from power tripping bouncers. I'm glad i tossed both of my cigarettes at you. A$$h*le


Wow! It's refreshing to know someone else had a problem with the bouncers. Ive never experienced such arrogant pigs in my life! I would never spend my money in a bar that supports these pigs!

what a bouncer loser

We were 2 guys, we hoped to have a good time, we chat with some girls, one of the immature girl whom we didn't chat reported to the bouncer that we harassed her which we didn't , the bouncer kicked us out, at the front door, he said there were 6 people complaining about us, we only chat with 4 girls ! The venue was ok , good music but the bouncer was a jerk!

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