44 Fridays

Fridays @ 44 Toronto


44 Fridays @ 44 Toronto

44 Toronto Fridays

Music by GORDZ!

Ladies free until 11:30pm! Dress to impress and get there while you can!

44 Toronto located on King St West, in the heart of the entertainment district, offers its guests an upscale and ultimate nightlife experience.

With almost 6000 square feet of architectural design and lavish d├ęcor, the venue is fit for high-end entertainment.

Featuring over 400 light fixtures, custom made for the space, and a state-of-the-art sound system shared by only two other nightclubs in the world, 44 Toronto brings a never seen or heard experience to the Toronto nightlife scene.
44 Toronto, 627 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Toronto, King West
Event Type
Weekly Event
Every Friday
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, House

44 Toronto Info

The whole idea is based on creating something that will bounce off the regular clubbing experience in Toronto.

Of course, it's hard to create something new in a city full of various exciting nightlife venues, but the creators of 44 Toronto are doing just that!

The core vision of 44 Toronto is a genius of high-class club spirit, delivering the essence of partying in cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami to the people of Toronto.

The entrepreneurial team of the venue is just a group of friends who share the same vision of what good a good party should look like.

They enjoyed traveling worldwide searching for high-class entertainment since they couldn't find many clubs in Toronto that could compete with international party venues.

When they decided to bring the party back home, the idea of making their own club materialized to reality.

Since they share the same passion and vision about the club's interior, functionality, and philosophy, the 44 Toronto crew smoothly brings the work to an end.

The venue is brand new since the creators resolutely refuse to renovate some old club that stopped working like it usually happens in the clubbing scene.

For creating something unique and on a high level, it's good to start from scratch and create the venue regarding personal standards.

And standards of 44 Toronto crew are set pretty high.

They paid particular attention to the essential things: a spacious venue, an impressive million-dollar lighting system, a sound system at the exceptional level, and a world-class team.

Toronto Clubs

Besides the technical details and perfecting the venue, there is one more crucial mission for a club that wants to compete internationally.

For creating a top-notch party place, you need to attract the right crew.

The entrance to 44 Toronto will be exclusive for the people on the guest list.

The creators wanted to manage who's in the space strictly.

Choosing to hold the integrity of cultivating the right audience over earning some more money is the standard that the spirit of 44 Toronto is all about.

44 Toronto intends to be a unique new entertainment solution, featuring multilayer events, talent-driven lineups, a different kind of bottle presentation, and service standards that are unmatched in town.

You can feel the passion and exceptional attention to detail from the excited team behind Toronto's newest nightlife venture.

They have significant experience with the nightlife internationally, know what they want and aren't afraid to go forward and beyond.

As far as I can see, it's very likely that 44 Toronto will be a world-renowned place of outstanding style and innovative entertainment, firing up the club scene in Toronto.

With a little bit more patience, we will testify to the uniqueness of 44 Toronto, enjoying the newborn of Toronto's club family.

Address: 627 King Street West
Venue Type: Nightclubs
Location: Toronto
Min Age: 19+
Dress Code: Fashionable and Stylish

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